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Why Didn't I Ask?

Vivan, this is the boy that every girl in the class wants to talk to, not because of his looks but because of his nature, his simplicity. Whether it is a boy or a girl of the class, they all talk and have fun with each other.
But there is also Disha in the class, what can I say about Disha? she is just interested in study, she doesn't like to have fun or talk with anyone in the class, she is also very regular in the class, and she used to sit in the corner of the last bench. She is very different from all the other one.
Vivan and Disha are similar in some manner even though they are different from each other, both have been in the same class for three to four years, but still they don't talk to each other, but sometimes they talk with their eyes, Vivan wants to talk to Disha many times, but he is afraid that if she doesn't like him, than? Everyone wants to talk vivan, but vivan wants to talk disha.
many days goes like this, and silent talk goes through, one day Vivan dares to go to Disha, and says, "Can we become friends?" Disha doesn't answer Vivan and she avoids him, Vivan stays in the same dilemma all day, wondering wherever his words hurts her? than? Our silence talk will stop. than?
The next day Vivan doesn't even look at Disha. Disha is confused, after a while Disha goes to Vivan and says softly, "We are friends". Vivan did not get this at first, but then he understood.
Now the silence talk comes to an end and the real talk begins. Disha, who used to sit in the corner, now sits with everyone, talks to everyone, not only that, but Vivan and disha both start talking like crazy, playing games, do some fighting also, both of them like to know what each other likes and dislikes. Disha always say about her like that she likes something different from the personality of vivan and in dislike she mention about how vivan is.
In the same way two months passed, one day Vivan did not come to school, Disha asked Vivan's friend, and she found out that Vivan's father had died, Disha was shocked to hear this and became sad. A few days later Vivan comes to the school. When all the teachers give him courage, Vivan became sad to remember his father. Seeing that, Disha also felt very bad. Disha thinks about how to talk vivan, what to say? How I feel him happy? After few attempts of her and vivan's friends, vivan smiled.
Disha didn't know that today is Vivan's last day in school, he has come to meet Disha for the last time, she is sad when finds out about that. A few days later, Disha realized that Vivan is no longer just a friend to her.
A year later, Vivan returns to school, but this time he is not alone. He has a blood cancer. Vivan can't tell about his illness to Disha. Disha is happy to see Vivan but she’s also angry. After a while Both talks like before, everyone in the class now annoys Disha and Vivan with each other. Disha's friend says "Vivan likes you." But Disha doesn't believe it, she wants to hear it from Vivan, but Disha doesn't have the courage to ask. And even Vivan says nothing. One day Disha dared to ask Vivan, but Vivan asked a cross question to Disha. Then Both decided to answer at once, and Both answer is friend, but Both knows that this is not only friendship.
Vivan's illness has worsened, and the doctor has told him to stay at home only When Vivan arrived at this stage, Disha found out about his illness. Disha seemed to be completely broken from within. She wants to meet Vivan once, talk to him, ask him unanswered questions, but she does not have the courage to go in front of Vivan.
And Vivan unknowingly follow Disha every day, looks at her from a distance, but does not come in front of Disha, cannot tell his feelings to Disha.
After some days Vivan dies and Disha's questions are just questions now, Disha thinks that if I had a little courage and finished the incomplete talk then maybe my question would not have remained unanswered question.

Ayushi Bhandari