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Are we destined to be together? - Part5

Amy's Pov:
I was completely out of control when I hear that Harry needs details of a girl. To make myself control, I just went out of class to library without bothering about surrounding as silence in library can make me normal or bring mind to peace. I am not one who share my feelings to recover. In a Silence place being alone only helps me to recover..With 5 to 10 minutes of thought, A single thought that created a little peace is he just asked the details of girl, he doesn't say he has crush on her or he love her.. He may be asked for anyone. I too decided not to think more about it whatever may be reason I shouldn't care about him..
Next day, students were asked to move to lab... Harry was placed with kiren just opposite to myself. Asusual Harry started blabbering to kiren.. His voice audibility is high so that his blabberings are very clear to me. I tried a lot to avoid hearing his blabberings and focus on my works. Harry starting saying that Place is disturbing him a lot, how would he concentrate on work here.. and continued lot of blabbers and atlast He started to sing love songs and sorry songs.... With hearing lot of his stupid blabberings I have completed my work. I asked my professor to check..she checked mine and asked me to move to class.. Kiren asked Harry how did you complete your work.. I know very well that Harry haven't even started work... Kiren indirectly asked me.. But I not in mood to react as I am in little bit bad mood.. I went to class.. Harry and everyone came too.
Maya is suffering from severe cold.. I asked water from her.. She said that if she give it she too suffer from cold.. I replied that If I got cold noone bother about it.. So don't worry about it.. So I shall have your water.. Harry was watching our conversation after hearing he just went out throwing his things in anger..
Harry is going to hometown it seems so he is half day leave.. Harry has packed his things to go.. I am still anger at him.. I didn't face his face from morning.. Harry started saying to kiren that I am going to my hometown. Kiren nodded.. Harry went out and came again inside class started saying same thing... It repeats for 3 times.. 4th time kiren got anger if you didn't go.. I will pull you out of college.. Just get out.. Harry said that because of your idea all these stuff are happening now you are asking me to go out too... But their small cute anger makes my mood better....Harry make me to bring back smile and Harry called Lilly and informed that he doesn't need details of that girl.. Leave it..
During leisure hour myself and lily were having some talk.. Harry messaged Lily that anyone has found that he has broken board.. Lily replied no.. And then they have some conversation.. While their chating I found Harry's mobile number his number got registered in my mind very well and Saved his number in my mobile..
From this onwards whenever Harry talks to anybody in mobile in front of me.. Kiren used say to say that Harry is talking to some girl.. Harry used to reply that no I ain't talking to girl I am talking just to a boy.. If u want u can check it..
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Would he get confirmation...
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