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Love By Accident - 6

It has been 3 hours. Arnav after doing his assignments stood up from the chair. He went to the washroom and then opened his phone. Till then Ayesha wasn’t online. So, he again went to continue his study. It was about 10.15 pm that his mom called him for dinner. He went to the dining table. His mom had cooked his favorite dishes. On the dining table no one talked till the dinner is finished. After the dinner, when Arnav was trying to escape from the angry eyes of his father, his father broke the silence. 
Ajit (Arnav’s father): Arnav!!! Sit on your chair. I have a talk with you.  
Arnav: Yes papa. Tell me. 
Ajit: Don’t act like a fool. Whom did you hit? It was definitely not a dog. I know about whole the incident. My friend was at the spot. 
Arnav knew that his father was just acting. It was his own way to filter away the truth. It had been ages that he was using this trick. Arnav wasn’t going to fall in it. 
Arnav: Ohk dad. He must have seen that how did I save that dog and got injured? 
Ajit: Ohhk ohhk. Don’t need to say anything. Couldn’t you ride carefully?  
Arnav: That dog came out of nowhere. What could I do? But I promise it will never happen again 
Ajit: Ok. How are you? Did you take tetanus?  
Arnav: No. I will get it tomorrow. 
Ajit: Don’t forget.  
Arnav then bid good night to his parents and went to his room. It was about 11.00pm. He locked his door and sat on the bed. Then he opened his phone, turned on internet and opened WhatsApp. He saw that there was another message from Ayesha. The massage was nothing but a question mark “?”. He noticed that she was online that time. He replied her. 
Arnav: Yes, I am fine. I just bandaged my elbow and papa told to take tetanus injection tomorrow. And my bike will be ok. Just minor scratches. By the way, my bike will be repaired after scooty becomes healthy😅. My bike is also in the same garage where your scooty is and the mechanic said that he won’t be free till the next week.  
Ayesha: Ohh. Then how do you go to college? 
Arnav: By bus, of course. 
Ayesha: Me too. Btw what did you tell your parents? 
Arnav: I told them that a dog came in the way. And due to save him I fell from bike. 
Ayesha: Am I looking like a dog? 
Arnav: No! You are normal. 
Ayesha: Ohh. Then which dog came in your way? 
Arnav: Are yaar! You are teasing me again. Now tell me what I should have said them? 
Ayesha: Something like,….. A cute kitten came on the way😁. 
Arnav: Oh, now you are a cut kitten. How funny. 😂 
Ayesha: So, what? Girls are cute.... 
Arnav: Hmm. You are really good at kidding. Btw did you take tetanus. It is necessary. Otherwise, you may get infected. 
Ayesha: Hm. I am not like you. I have taken. 
Arnav: How will you go to college? 
Ayesha: Mo bus. 
Arnav: Nice. So, see you next morning. 
Ayesha: Ok. Good night. 
Arnav: Bye. Good night. 
Arnav turned off the phone and went to sleep. 
Author’s Pov.. 
Arnav and Ayesha had met. It was not a happy and romantic meeting neither any spark of love had sparked. They didn’t know each other. They are poles apart. Arnav belongs to a higher-class conserved family. His father is an engineer with monthly income of 4 lakhs. His mother was also a teacher. But she left her job after Gudli came to their life. More responsibilities. So, she became a home maker. But their life is good and systematic. But on the other side, Ayesha belongs to a lower middle-class family. Her father was a teacher with monthly income of 25,000. She has lost her mother when she was five in a bus accident. On the name of family, she has only her father. She loves him unconditionally and obeys his every word. But what if they get crash. Not with their bikes. But with their hearts. Will the destiny play its game. Will they enjoy the sweetness of love or will bear the pain of its damage? What had destiny written for them. Let’s know. 
Next morning... 
Arnav woke up at about 6.00am and brushed her teeth. He then went downstairs. He saw his mother was preparing breakfast for Guldi. It was her time to go to school. Gudli was sitting on the sofa. Arnav went there and sat beside her. When Gudli saw him, she was totally surprised. “What??? Bhaiya, is this really you or am I dreaming?” Gudli said in a surprising voice. His mother came out of the kitchen and she was shocked too. Arnav looked at both of them and then said “Why are you acting like you have seen a ghost. Yesterday I went to bed early. Therefore, I woke up early today. That's it. It’s not that surprising.” “Yes. But it is unbelievable. The boy who doesn’t wake up even after calling him thousand times, he woke up today without any alarm.” His mother teased him. Gudli said “I think it is the magic of that dog who came in his way.” “Hehe. Not funny.” Arnav said. Arnav wanted to change the topic. He said, “Mom! It is 6.20. Hurry up. Otherwise, she will be late. His mother went to the kitchen. After few minutes, school bus arrived and Gudli went to school. 
After an hour, Arnav went to the bathroom to get ready for the college. Then he wore the college uniform, packed his bags and went to the dining table to have his breakfast. By that time his father had gone to office. Arnav finished his breakfast, took his wallet and went to the bus stop. 
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