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Love By Accident - 7

Arnav reached the station at about 7.50am. After 2 minutes, a bus came. He got on that bus. Fortunately, it was not crowded. He got a seat. After sitting comfortably, he took out his earphones and played retro songs. He then looked outside the window and enjoyed the fresh view of nature. The fresh air that entered him via his breath gave him goosebumps. He was delighted and felt relieved. His right elbow was aching a little bit because he had been stretching it, but he ignored it. His gaze was totally lost in his thoughts. After two or three minutes, he felt someone's hand on his shoulder. He didn’t move an inch. Again, that person put its hand on his shoulder and shake him. He became irritated and turned towards that person. He was about to say something, when he noticed that person was none other than Ayesha. She was smiling. Arnav greeted her back. Ayesha asked her if she could sit beside him. When he said yes, she sat there and opened her phone and went through Instagram. Although there were few people on the bus who were going to offices and their respective workplaces, there was silence except the horns and the engines of the bus and the traffic. Arnav felt uncomfortable at first because he was not used to sitting near any girl. He had been keeping distances from them. So, it was kind of awkward. He put the earphones in his ears and played songs. After 25 mins, they reached the college. They bid goodbye to each other and went to their respective classes. The day continued and everything went as usual. After college was over, Arnav went home by bus. But this time, Ayesha went with her friend on her scooty (her friend’s scooty). So that day was normal. Nothing much conversation. And the day ended with the usual routine. Next day, Arnav woke up at 7 am, Brushed his teeth, did some reading, and went to college. This day Ayesha had not come. But it didn’t matter to him. He wasn’t thinking about Ayesha. His heart didn’t have any space for her. He reached the college at about 8.30 am. He was late. So, he could not attend the first class. He went to the canteen. The canteen was quiet. There was no noise. He sat at a corner table, he took his airpod out of his pocket, put it in his ears and streamed the music. He was listening to music, but suddenly, he saw a group of boys and girls coming into the canteen. They seemed to be from third year. He didn’t bother. He thought they had come here to bunk the class. Then those boys pulled some chairs out and placed them in a queue. Then some of them sat there while others remained standing. Those senior boys and girls were talking with them. But why were some of them afraid. It didn’t take more time for Arnav to learn that that was ragging. He knew that most of the seniors are good and treat others very well. But there were some seniors who never miss any chance to rag the juniors. It had also happened to him. He wanted to know what they were going to do. So, he turned off the music and silently listened to them. The seniors are asking them to dance, to sing, to act, to give introductory speeches. One by one everyone did the same. Then came a familiar face. That fair complexion, that wavy hair, those rosy lips and that innocent face with band aid in her hand. “Is she always this beautiful or I am imagining her like that?” Arnav thought in his mind. Soon Arnav came to his senses. He saw that she was being forced to dance. She was feeling uncomfortable while doing so. Her elbow was hurting. But she was not saying anything. Then some of the senior girls asked her some awkward questions. She was not feeling good answering them. So, Arnav got up from the seat and went there. One of the seniors asked “Hey Arnav! What are you doing here? Come and join us.” “No sir! I have a request. If you allow.....” Arnav asked. He said “Sure sure. Why not? Ask me.” Arnav replied, “Sir could you please let Ayesha come with me.” “Why? Is she your girlfriend?” Senior asked. Arnav replied, “No sir. Nothing like that I just have a deal with her.” “Ok. But in one condition. We need one thousand rupees now.” Arnav said “ok” He quickly took two five hundred notes out of the wallet and handed them. He then held Ayesha’s hand and took her out of the canteen to the library. There was a secret place behind the book selves. That was Arnav’s secret place. No one knew about it except a few seniors. He often went there to spend time alone whenever he was tense or free. There was no one there to disturb him. Arnav took Ayesha there. For the first time he took someone there. But she was silent. She was not saying anything. Is it anger or shock? What is going to happen? 
Hello friends. Hope you are doing well. Well tell me in the comment section whether Ayesha was shocked, or she was angry. Guess it. And I will reveal it in the next episode. Till then enjoy the episode. And yes, don’t forget to rate and comment. Follow me for the latest updates. Thank you. 

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