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Love By Accident - 5

It was about 4:30pm. There was a knock on the door. Arnav opened his eyes. He was dreaming. He was dreaming about the accident. It was the very first time that he hit someone, that too a female. But it was very surprising for him that he was dreaming about the accident and his talk with Ayesha. There was another knock on the door and he came out of the blanket and opened the door. Gudli was standing outside with a plate full of apple slices. As soon as Arnav opened the door, she rushed inside his room and after placing the plate on the table, rushed to play with the guitar. Arnav was watching her doing all the funny thing with guitar. He grabbed slice of apple. After eating some slices, he went downstairs and then to the garden. His mom was watering the plants. He stood there and inhaled some fresh air. The chirruping of birds was soothing his ears. Then after talking to his mom for some time, he went to his room. Till then, Gudli was playing with the guitar. Arnav thanked her for taking care of him and told her to go to her room to do homework. After she left, Arnav closed the door and called his friend Sahil to know about the college assignments. 
Arnav: Hello bro! What’s up?  
Sahil: Fine bro. Tell me. What happened? Why didn’t you attend the class today? 
Arnav: Actually, while going to college, I just hit a girl. My bike got some scratches. But she had got some bruises and her scooty was in a very bad condition. And then it’s a long story. So, better tell you another day. 
Sahil:  Uh... OK. No problem. 
Arnav: Actually, I have called you to know about today's assignments. 
Sahil: Ohh. I will send you on WhatsApp. 
Arnav: Ohk. But hurry up.  
Sahil: Yup dude. By the way, are you coming to college tomorrow or not? 
Arnav: Ya sure. See you there. Bye. 
After the conversation with Sahil, Arnav went downstairs and made coffee. He then went to the living room with a cup of coffee and snacks. He turned on the T.V. and streamed through some channels. But nothing attracted his attention. He quickly finished the coffee and snacks and went to his room. He then turned on his internet. After few seconds two messages popped up. He opened the WhatsApp and to his surprise Ayesha had replied. He opened the message and read it.  
Ayesha: Don’t worry. I am fine. Thank you for asking. How is you elbow? Hope you have banded. And I have decided not to tell my parents. My scooty will be repaired in a week. So, till then I have to lie. Otherwise, my parents will never allow me ride to college. Never mind. What did you tell your parents? And what about your bike? 
Arnav eased knowing that there was no problem and she was not angry on him. He chuckled after knowing that she also lied to her parents. He saw that she was online about half an hour ago. So, he decided not to type her at the moment. He thought it would be good when both of them will be online. He then opened Sahil’s message. He had already sent him assignments. He then sat on the study table and started doing it. 
Sorry readers for the delay. This is a very short part after a long delay. So, very very sorry. Hope you do like this part and don’t forget to give your valuable comments.  

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