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Love By Accident - 10

Arnav was acting like he knew nothing, but the truth is something else. Here, Ayesha is thinking whether he would receive the chocolate and the letter or not.  But Arnav wanted to play. Next day, when Ayesha came college, she went to do her class. After the class was over she and her friends went to search Arnav. Ritu have managed to know about Arnav’s classroom via her friends. They all went to the 3rd floor of the building in hope to see Arnav or Sahil. They were nervous as well as tensed cause they are in first year and there were only seniors on the floor. They approached near his classroom and came to know that the class is still continuing. Sara told Ayesha to peek through the front door silently. But Ayesha denied and insisted Ritu to do it. Ritu was just trying to peek through the door and she felt a hand on her shoulder. So she said,

Ritu: Hey Ayesha! I am doing your job. Don’t disturb me. Or I will kick you’re a*s.

Ayesha( with a low and terrified voice) : Oye Ritu!!! Look behind. We are in trouble.

Ritu looked behind and came to know that they were really in trouble. A group of girls was standing behind them. They all look like seniors. One of the girl dragged the identity card and asked Ritu “ What are you doing here? Peeking the boys? Huh????” and all the girls in the group laughed together. Another girl said “ Looks like some cheeks have lost their routes. Let’s show them the right path girls.” Ayesha was terrified, but gathering courage she said,

“ We are very sorry, mam. We won’t do it again. Please let us go.”

One girl came in front. She was very stunning and stylish. She looked like the leader. Her identity card showed her name was Ridhima.

Ridhima: Why so hurry? We met just now. And you want to go. It hurt me, dear. Tell me whom are you looking at?

Ritu ( terrifiedly): We are just searching for a friend.

Ridhima: Friend… A senior friend? Or boyfriend?

Sara( irritatedly): No we don’t even know him better.

Ridhima: Ohh. Looks like someone has guts to talk to us. Hey girl! Don’t test my patience. Tell me his name.

Sara: And if I won’t. Then?

Ridhima: You are in first year na. I knew how to deal with you.
Ridhima held Sara’s wrist and tightened the grip. She was trying to release her hand from her but she was powerful. Another girls extorted the bags from Ayesha and Ritu. All of them Are in tears. But suddenly Ayesha heard a loud commanding yet familiar voice from behind. Ayesha, Ritu, Sara looked behind.

Arnav: Ridhima………. Stop it!!!!!!!!!!!

Anger was clearly seen in his eyes. Again he had seen tears in Ayesha’s eyes. He didn’t know why, but it hurt him, a lot.

Seeing Arnav at this fury Ridhima became terrified cause she had never seen Arnav in this condition. So, she decied to pretend. She went near him, hugged her. Arnav separated her and demanded the reason.

Ridhima: Arnav!!! You are just in right time. See what they are doing. They were trying to create disturbance in the class. It was good that we came at the right time and stopped them. You have to thank us.

Arnav: Stop it. And remember not to touch them. Especially, HER(pointing towards Ayesha)!!! She is my uncle’s daughter. And if you even put an eye on her then you will see my original face. AM I CLEAR?

Ridhima: Hey cool. Why are you so concerned about her?( with a doubting expression)

Arnav: Non of your business..

Arnav hold took the bags from those girls and those to Ayesha and Ritu. He hold Ayesha’s hand went down floor to the auditorium.



Sorry friends for this late and dissapointing you. I know that is has been more than a month but i had exams and the results. It was not easy. But hope that you r doing great. And support by giving your precious stars and comments.  I am very much happy to know that you are loving these episodes. So thank you very much.