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Love By Accident - 11

Arnav was so tense. He took Ayesha to that backside library which was his secret place. Ayesha's friends also came there. Ritu was weeping. Her eyes were red. Sara's left wrist was red with finger marks. But she wasn't crying. She was tough. Arnav looked at Ayesha. He was still holding her hand. Upon realizing that, he quickly let go of her hand. She was not weeping, but her eyes were red. She was terrified. She had never faced any situation like this before. She didn't know that girl and never thought anyone could be that harsh. She was not in her senses. She was still. Arnav became more tense upon seeing her. He looked at Ritu and gave a concerned look. Ritu understood his gesture and she called Ayesha shaking her shoulder. After seconds, she came to her senses and Arnav was relieved. She was so damn terrified that she tightly hushed Ritu and hid her face and kept mumbling, " I am sorry Ritu. I shouldn't have asked you to come with me. This is all my fault. If they complain about us what will happen? I am sorry. I shouldn't have dragged you into all this. Now she will keep envious of us. What shall we do? I am so sorry."


Arnav was watching this entire scene. He lifted his hand to pat Ayesha's back, but he retracted halfway. He didn't want to commit that mistake once again. Rather he called Ayesha.

Arnav: Ayesha... Ayesha.......! Everything is fine. Don't worry. No one is going to do anything to you and your friends. She won’t do anything. I won't let that happen.

Ayesha lifted her face and looked behind. Her eyes were all red. Her kajal was making dark lines down her eyes. Her nose was running. She was literally so much afraid. Upon seeing this condition of Ayesha, Arnav felt very guilty. He told Ayesha,

Arnav: Ayesha! I am really sorry. Everything that happened today should not have happened.

Ayesha: Why are you saying sorry? I am the one who committed a mistake. And I should say sorry. You shouldn't be guilty about anything. I shouldn’t be here at the first step.

Arnav: But it’s ok. Don't worry. Why are you here by the way? Whom are you searching for?

Upon hearing this question Ayesha felt nervous. She didn’t want to tell him that she wanted to ask him about the letter. Ayesha only wanted to say sorry. But this happened. She was left with no words. She was silent and stole her glances from Arnav. Sara who was behind, listening to all this finally opened her mouth...

Sara: Sir! Sorry to say it. But She is here for you because she wanted to say sorry. She had already written you two letters with two chocolates. But you mister, have lost it all the time. And today she came to your class to say sorry face to face. But that BITC*H came and messed up everything.


Arnav finally understood that it was his mistake. Neither had he acted of not receiving the letter nor did it happen. He was now feeling terribly guilty. All that had happened today was due to his dumbness. She was just innocently saying sorry and what did he do. He knew Ridhima would somehow take revenge. He was now tense. Drops of sweat were now visible on his forehead. He looked at Ayesha and spoke

Arnav: Ayesha! I don’t know what to say. But I promise I didn’t do it on purpose. I had no idea that something like this would happen. I am so sorry. Please forgive me.

Ayesha (with a concerned look): Why are you saying so? What happened and what did you do? I can’t understand what you are saying. Please elaborate.

Arnav went out of the library and came back holding two sheets of paper. He gave those papers to Ayesha. Ayesha could not understand anything. She opened the paper and upon seeing it she was shocked. She felt miserable, she threw the paper on the floor and left the room. Ritu ran behind her. Sara was still present in the library. She took up the papers and came to know that it was those letters that Ayesha had written to him. She was so pissed by then. She said a last sentence, “Never ever come near her again.” and left the room. Arnav was left alone in the room. He was thinking about past events. “This shouldn’t have started in this way. First the accident, then the ragging, and now this. What should I do now? I should make up for this.”



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