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Painful Tale Of Remorse

There was a girl, Pravati . very beautiful. She was as beautiful as she was honest. Don't lie to anyone, don't talk nonsense. Just mind your own business.

There was a boy in Hrusikesh's class, who was deeply in love with her. His name was Hrusikesh . The boy often used to do small things for him. When the girl smiles and says thank you in return, the boy's happiness knows no bounds.

Once upon a time. Hrusikesh and Pravati were going home together. Then it started raining heavily. Both took shelter under a tree. The rain was heavy. Within a few moments, the drops started trickling down. In such a situation, both came very close to each other to avoid rain.

Seeing Pravati so close, Hrusikesh could not control his emotions. Proposed his Pravati . Pravati also liked Hrusikesh very much in her mind, so she also agreed. And in this way the love of both of them started rising.

Once upon a time, Pravati was waiting for Hrusikesh under the same tree. Hrusikesh came very late. Seeing him, Pravati got angry and said, 'Why did you come so late? I had lost my life.

Hrusikesh smiled after listening to Pravati , 'Darling, where did I go away from you, I live in your heart only. If you don't believe then ask your day.
Hearing this loving talk, Pravati forgot all her anger and she hugged Hrusikesh .

One day both the people were talking sitting under the same tree. Pravati was sitting on the support of the tree and Hrusikesh was lying with his head on her lap. That's why Pravati said, "Darling, now I cannot tolerate your separation from me." Even a moment without you seems like 100 years to me. You marry me, otherwise I will die.

Hrusikesh quickly put his hand over the girl's mouth and said, "My dear, don't talk like this, if anything happens to you, how will I survive?"

Pravati didn't say anything. She kept looking at Hrusikesh with hopeful eyes. Hrusikesh continued his talk, "Don't worry dear, I will talk to my family members soon."
Slowly a lot of time passed. Its just matter of one day. Both the people were sitting under the same tree. At that time Hrusikesh's face was lowered. When asked by Pravati , he said in tears, “Darling, I explained a lot to my family members, but they are not ready for our marriage. He has got me married somewhere else.
Pravati's heart burst after hearing this. He felt like crying out loud. But she controlled her emotion and said, "Darling, I have truly loved you, I can never forget you."

"Please, forgive me..!" Hrusikesh said softly, "Well if you want, we can be good friends forever."

Pravati started crying after hearing this. Hrusikesh explained a lot to her, but Pravati could not control herself even after wishing and she went to her house crying.

Soon Hrusikesh's wedding day arrived. He was sure that Pravati would definitely come to his wedding. But it did not happen. Yes, she did receive a gift pack sent by him. Hrusikesh opened it with trembling hands.

Hrusikesh fainted on seeing that gift. Nothing but the blood-soaked heart of Pravati was kept in the gift pack. And along with it was a letter, in which it was written - Hey crazy, at least take your heart, otherwise what will you give to your wife.

Friends, for some love is time pass and for some more than life. That's why if you love someone, then follow him for life. Otherwise, who knows, your condition may become like that of Hrusikesh , who could neither live nor die after that day. His whole life became a painful tale of remorse.