There is no right or wrong age to find love books and stories free download online pdf in English

There is no right or wrong age to find love

There is no right or wrong age to find love. Because loving or being loved is one of the most beautiful feelings that everyone can experience. Also it is a matter of fact that people at different stages of their life want different things from love.
When we are young, we long for love that is exciting and stimulating, but as we age and grow we expect it to be stable and mature.
If you are a man in his 40s and looking for a life partner, here are some things that women in your age group really look for in their partners.

Honesty is Important

It is a fact that every age group of women look for honesty in men. However, mature women value it even more as they have no time to waste. They want men to be emotionally honest with them. This game of twisting the truth is not worth playing.
A woman who's been down this road before won't put up with childish behavior like dishonesty.

Don't like being compared to younger women
Women value a man who sees life the way they do, who sees them for who they are and what they have to offer. However, some men in their 40s and beyond, want a youthful "trophy" to show the world.
On the other hand, some men prefer the love of a mature woman who knows how to handle her man. They believe that women of their own age are the women they can relate to the most.

Take Seriously I LOVE YOU

A mature woman knows the value of saying "I love you". When she says she loves you, she means you're really special. This will leave no doubt in the man's mind that this woman loves him from the bottom of her heart.

They don't want 24/7 Romance

Quality romance for a woman in her 40s is being polite and giving enough time. They want to feel connected and want to woo themselves through their actions of being caring, caring, respectful and supportive. To them, it is much more romantic and meaningful when someone takes the time to find out what kind of tea they like to drink than to gift flowers.

Love is not a Game

When we are young, we play mind games which often lead to heartbreak. But if you are one of those drama loving men, then a mature woman is not for you. Mature women absolutely do not waste their time on men who run away from commitment.
Confident women know what they want, and won't get involved in a relationship with someone who isn't willing to pursue it or someone who plays with their emotions.
Having Self Awareness
Mature women crave a man with a golden heart in them - a man who understands who she is, stands on the same background, has learned some lessons from her past relationships, and doesn't repeat old behavior partners, There is no interest.
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