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Down To Earth

India is accept to overtake China to become the world's most population countries and time in July,it is said.we don't have a firm month because our census The count of population is more than the decade old so we can only estimate the accepted overshoot date sometime in need 2023 we will match China 1.45 billion people and then surpass it.

The question I get asked often is, what does this mean for the environment? There is no dobut that more people will need more resource to survive but it cannot be argued that population growth is an indicator of the resultant environmental degradation. it is not as t linear. the simple counter argument is that countries like the US ,with the 336 million people, or Australia ,with the 26 million people, have a much India does.

earth overshoot day a group that calculate the bioresourses used by countries estimate that if every one leave it like American we will need a 5 earth as Australian we wool need 4.5 earth as Indian we will need 0.8 of earth this countries with smaller population have emitted huge amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere adding to our common jiopardy so,population perse is not determined of environmental problem it is their concept pattern that lead to environment degradation.

We know that environmental damage cursed by the rear countries extensive they over export land water for us and other resources but externalized the source their concept of fossil fuel is deriving global warming but their local air apparents is clean because they have money to invest to improve technology this weather countries have improve area and so you may are you that there are natural habit is extensive it result in overuse forest and degradation of land in other place the poor on the other hand have intensive use of their local environment in a villages they depend on the forest that are already loped land that is grezed and water bodies that are polluted but even with this visible destruction their combine impact on the environment is less than that of each smaller but Richer populations.

That said it is also a fact that the Indian people have smaller footprint because they are poor it poverty that make us frugal so it can be arguate that as we get Richer we make also wish for a global middle class lifestyle (the American way )which has now become a benchmark of economic wealth and it.

And even if we do not reach the obscene level of consumption as other middle class ,our sheer number will Add up to leave the same environmental impact.we already see that with the best generation as we get Richar the amount of waste generation increasing its composition changes and garbage take over the our streets. we also see this with the air pollution in our cities the Richar we get the more we drive in individual vehicle and even as we clean up each vehicle with the better emission control and fuel quality, the absolute growth in numbers means more population...

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