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Where Are You Now

Today is Friday now I want to talk about women's out of 10 women's seven womens facing problem of harassment and mentally physically but why this happening in our society there are no one reason for it. Dear girl dear women I want to talk you please you want focus on your study I know you are weak you are average but you want to prove but many womens have no get right to prove themselves our society always thinking that a woman's are house mate they have no responsibility or no having any rights to do they for theirself.
I know you have many problems you can't do for yourself but you have no any option ? In this story the men's reading this please read carefully because the women's not object the women's is not a labour a women's is not house mate ! you want to understand they are helpers but they have independent to do for their self .mens having ego having a dirty attitude towards womens after marriage but they want to know about she is your wife ,she is your daughter's mom, she is your everything.

But ego of men's feel that the women's are house mate and they have no having any independence I have question ⁉️ in our India the independence for only mens or womens or everyone ? because we have not independent everytime you are depended on your husband..and other . for money 💰 for another reason but where are you now.... what you are doing now... you want to do for yourself you want to know that the life is only for one time no one knows they are life is exist on next time you are Life having many more importance than your husband. your life having many more important than your society I know you have no energy more you have no energy more but God makes you ! You have energy to prove yourself !
Out of 10 womens are three or well educated and housewife also because of they are educated working there also earning money so they have respect because they are earning money we know that what is the value of money how the life smaller than money.
But we know that the money having respect but I am not talking about three women out of 10 birds and I am talking about seven women out of 10 the seven women also well educated but due to the family pressure they are marriage in 18 ages but now the government is giving that a new rule the girls marriage after 21 age complete we know that in school girls are topper and having more percentage of passing .
I am not comparing the both of because we are same . Because we have tears we have emotions we have feelings but due to the physically ,biologically, chemically, differents of our body educated person also harrassing the women's I know women's you have many difficulty but where are you now you want focus yourself you want to develop your skills ...you want to develop your talent... Okay it not possible for you so justice yourself... your life ..because life exist only one time !