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Kabhi Alvida Na Kahna

Dear friends I want to submit a few lines before you on the very ' Topic'Kabhi Alvida na kahna .Disclaimer:. Artists name in this story and subject all are imaginary .If there are any similarities of this story Writer will not be responsible .

In those days when I was a student of primary class , an incident occured that influenced me too much internally.True affection of intimate class friend "Trishna",was my life's integral part. She left school forever.As usual I was attending school regularly . A number of students were in my class . Hira ,Hansa ,Nima,Ganga Geeta were intimate class mate..Any how time was passing rapidly .We all student we're busy in our life. These class mate have to leave study after primary .All were intelligent . It was compulsory for students to sing a song in leisure period ..In this way a long time passed smoothly with such intimate friend. I didn't knew.All class mates left school .Among all class mates " Trishna " always sang several times..Her song touched my heart and felt that I became fan of her song .She liked me a lot . we both are best friends.Regularly she attended school ,I didn't understand all on a sudden she have to shift at her native place ..Patna. I enquired of her from her family members and school friends but in vain she did not came..A long time passed by..I waited for her in the hope that one day we will meet sure. ..But it was my only imagination that I could meet in future

These thinking gave a lot of pain in childhood but it was my hearty love bondings between two friends that is in my opinion everlasting. Whenever I searched in my thoughts I have received national anthem love song inspiration I e.generated in my mind which I found evergreen. I promised myself to remember her in national anthem and national song which sang in-class in a week.She was loved by all students because of her soft

and warm words to superiors always as

kind regards.

.I am now a senior citizen .A long period passed by that doesn't matter In spite of that there was a little hope to see her one time .I asked her many times if she will not discontinue her study forever My Guess proved correct .She went for forever to her native place.I have taken promise from her in my childhoo,d if she will not leave school .and not to say ever and ever good bye friend. Here I can say in the conclusion that incident of my childhood broke me and . promise word never say good bye will be remembered . remembered.....remembered at my last breath ..All this childish emotion which could not be forgotten and still today I am in wait of my true friend cum class mate " Trishna".In this way a true story ended with separation for long..Perhaps you people sure like .this story..if there will be any error must be exempted..Thanks.