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The Black - 2

It was the time of 2.10 PM onwards. In the centre of ISRO, Dr. Tiwari was seated in front of Shalin. Shalin signed the contract, and he asked Dr. Tiwari

Shalin: Whenever I return to the earth, what will I get?

Dr. Tiwari: After returning home, you will be given two options:

1) If you want to continue your studies, then many foreign universities and Indian universities will offer you admission, including IITs.

2) If you don't want to continue your studies, then you will be offered a government job based on your qualifications.

The choice is yours.

If I die during the operation or space programme, then another scientist will guide you.

Shalin: Okay, sir.

Dr. Tiwari: Now, I will give you some brief information about black holes. What is a black hole? And how did it form? So listen carefully, my dear.

Most black holes form from the remnants of a large star that dies in a supernova explosion. When a big star dies, its remaining matter will press into a tiny space.

Three types of black holes:
1) stellar-mass,

2) supermassive,

3) intermediate-mass.

Our IoC 188A is a stellar mass black hole that's 10 times larger than the size of the Sun.

Now if we talk about the structure of the black hole, I must say that it has no defined structure, part, or border, but it can still be divided into two main parts:

1) Event Horizon: Border line of Black Hole; if one can cross this border, there is no chance of his or her comeback. And the temperature of the horizon is a million or a billion degrees Celsius.

2) Singularity: The main core of a black hole, where extreme gravity occurs, is where nothing can escape, even light.

Moreover, the photon sphere and accretion disc are also parts of the black hole.

But in our mission, you have to reach the point closest to the event horizon, not into the horizon; you will still be many hundred kilometres away from the horizon, because if you go more close to it, then you will be straying towards the black hole. But nothing to worry about; spacecraft are programmed about it.

Shalin: Sir, what about time?

Dr. Tiwari: Very good question! However, time dilation will occur, but scientists have calculated the approximate time. It will take 15 months on Earth, while 1 month for you on a ship or spacecraft.


Shalin: What, sir?

Dr. Tiwari: However, scientists have calculated the time, but personally, I must say that it will take more time. This means that you will travel only one month, but because I can't predict the extremity of gravity of IOC-188A, when you return home, many more years might have passed. I mean, not only 15 months, but several years might have passed.

Shalin: Okay, I understand, sir.

Dr. Tiwari: Now you have to sign an actual agreement.
Shalin: Means? I have already signed.

Dr. Tiwari: No, my dear, the agreement that you have signed was not an actual agreement; I have just tested you. I want to test whether the candidate I have selected is eligible for this mission or not, because this is not a mission of our country, but a mission of humility.

Shalin signed the agreement with happiness, and Dr. Tiwari hugged Shalin. After that, Shalin started training in New York, USA. He attended 3 months of training, and then finally the date of 06/11/2505 arrived. On that day, Shalin started the journey.

On 6/11/2505, Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Shriharikota, spacecraft launched at 4.00 PM onwards.

In terms of spacecraft, it will reach normal speed when launched; after escaping from the gravity of the Earth, the direction will be changed; at the opposite direction of the solar system, the computer system will turn on the light speed system, and the ship will progressively accelerate to 99.99% of its light speed.

Engine fuel is made up of separated matter, antimatter, and other substances, and the energy released will help to achieve light speed. Shalin took some books and some movies on his device to spend time. After 14 days in spacecraft, now it was time to arrive at our destination. The event horizon of IOC-188A was just 1 hour away. Shalin turned off the light speed mode, and normal mode was on. He asked the space station about time; 7 months had passed on Earth. He was shocked.

But suddenly, the connection of the spacecraft with the space station on Earth was disconnected. Shalin tried to make a call but couldn't make it possible. He thought that after 1 hour of research he would be able to reconnect with Earth, so he started the research.

To be continued...