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The Black - 4

After completion of medical treatment and discharge from AIIMS Delhi, it was the 17th day of March, the year 4505, the first day of Shalin on Earth after 2000 years. It was a new world for Shalin. In this world of 4505, he was popular and famous as a "time traveller.", He visited Dr. Tiwari's office in Vishakhapatnam, but it was converted into a memorial place. There was a statue of Narmadeshwar Tiwari, and by seeing that, Shalin's eyes filled with tears. Because of his affords, Shalin was famous. In this new era, humans have found a new planet named SEB II. Human settlements had been established there, and 50% of the human population had settled there, so now Earth is 50% empty.

Endangered species of animals and plants were again revived and re-established in their natural habitats; the rules of human life were changed; and space shuttle service had been started between SEB-II and Earth. Any civilian of any country can travel by space shuttle to reach SEB II; however, this service can be offered only 4 to 5 times a year. The government of India offered free space shuttle services to economically weak citizens. Shalin was also offered to settle on either SEB-II or Earth, but scientists and doctors personally suggest he set up on Earth first; after some time, he can shift to SEB-II.

SEB-II was located 60 light days away from Earth, which means it will take 60 light days to reach there with 99.999% light speed. The environment of SEB-II was similar to that of Earth but somewhat thinner than that of Earth, but this problem was also solved by humans; they planted trees to balance this climate.
After returning from space, Shalin still does not believe that such a long time has passed.
He remembered his 2000-year-old past. He told Dr. Tiwari that he has no family and no friends, but it was wrong. Shalin had a good family in an orphanage. When his parents died, his neighbour, Amit, took Shalin to the orphanage. Every month, Amit visits the orphanage to meet him. He also remembered his two best friends, Jaydeep and Vihan. Shalin wondered why they did not leave any messages for me. I would definitely have received that message after returning to Earth, but suddenly it flashes that 2000 years have passed. Even if he had left a message, how would he have received it? Everything may have been destroyed in so many years.

As per the agreement signed between the space agencies and Shalin, the government of India offered him two options:

1) Class 2 government job

2) Higher education at a reputed institute (any selected by Shalin)

Shalin selects the second option, higher education, because he is interested in research in astrophysics. This admission was offered by the National Institute of Technology, Vallabh Vidyanagar, abbreviated as NIT-Vidyanagar. It was located in Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand, Gujarat, where many engineering and science courses were offered. Shalin was enrolled in an M.Sc. in Astrophysics.

Several genetic studies were also carried out on Shalin, and scientists found that Shalin's genome sequences were changed. Shalin sincerely completed his Master programme in the year 4507; after that, he joined ISRO as an astrophysicist. Shalin doesn't know that a new mission is waiting for him.

To be continued...