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The Black - 3

A connection was established, and Shalin tried to make a call on earth.

Hello, hello, anybody can hear me? Shalin said

Yes, I can hear you, sir. Voice from the opposite side

Shalin : Who are you? I want to talk with Dr. Narmadeshwar Tiwari.

Silence from the opposite side

Shalin: Hello, what happened?

Opposite side: My name is Ronald, and I'm a senior scientist from NASA.

Shalin : Okay, Mr. Ronald, I have turned on the normal speed mode. Now tell me, when should I turn on the light speed mode?

Ronald: After reaching optimum speed, you have to turn on the light speed mode.

Shalin : Okay, now can you please connect me with Dr. Tiwari?

Again silence

Shalin : Mr. Ronald, can you understand my point? Please connect me with Dr. Tiwari.

Now Shalin is getting angry at Ronald, and as he speaks about Dr. Tiwari, Ronald remains silent. Now Ronald said

Ronald : Mr. Shalin, do you know which month and year are going now?

Shalin: Wait, space craft is now at optimum speed; shall I turn light speed now?

Ronald : Yes, Mr. Shalin, please turn on, and as I show information on my screen, your ship was taken off on November 06, 2505, am I right?

Shalin: Yes, sir.

Ronald : We have also received information about clouds of gas and elements on the event horizon.

Shalin : Yes, I spent a complete hour near the border of Event Horizon, and as I can see, now I'm very far from Black Hole IOC 188A.

(Further said)

I know that a few months have passed on Earth because I am travelling at the 99.99% speed of light, so time has slowed down because time dilation has occurred.

Ronald: No, Mr. Shalin, not several months, but several centuries have passed.

Shalin : What? What are you saying, man?

Ronald : Now I want to tell that current year on Earth is 4505.

Shalin: Are you playing a prank on me?

Ronald: No, sir, I'm not joking. You said that your connection was disconnected when your ship just reached the border of Eevnt Horizon. You spent 1 hour doing research on those clouds, and in between this time, your connection was disconnected just because of the gravitational force of the Black Hole. When you took the U-turn from the border of the horizon, you were going far from the Black Hole, and hence you reconnected with the Earth.

Shalin was silent.

Ronald : Hello, Mr. Shalin.

Shalin: Ah. Yes, I'm listening, but how is it possible? I know that time dilation will definitely happen, but that doesn't mean that such a long time will pass.

Ronald : Sir, this is absolutely the truth! Your 1 hour near Black Hole IOC-188A is equal to 2000 years of Earth. Now tell me, would you have sufficient food for your return journey?

Shalin: Yes, sir.

Ronald: Okay, then your ship is connected to international space stations.

Shalin: Please tell me about Earth. How's the climate? And what about India and Amritsar?

Ronald: India is now the 4th-greatest developed country and the 1st in economy. The human population is under control and has been reduced to 100 crore.

(Further said)

Sir, after checking your identity and your ship number, we have spread this news all over the world and to other planets.

Shalin: What? What do other planets mean?

Ronald: You will understand everything when you come back.

Shalin: Okay.

After 15 days of the hardest journey (this is why, after hearing about 2000 years of journey), he finally reached the border of the solar system. Light mode was turned off when a spacecraft crossed the orbit of Venus. During its landing on earth, a spacecraft turned into an aeroplane because its computer system detected the troposphere and stratosphere. The craft landed on the Nile River in Sudan. The government of Sudan rescues Shalin, and after that, he is admitted to the hospital. The Sudanese government primarily treated him in hospitals, then he was carried to India, where secondary treatment took place at AIIMS Delhi. Now he has to face new challenges in this new world.

How to live in the new world 2000 years after his time?

What will happen with Shalin?

What about his future?

Read how he adapts to the new world in the next chapter.

To be continued...