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The Black - 6 - Last Part

Shalin: I apologise from my side, Gurudev.
Alien 1: Shalin, you are an honest and good man; your life is saved not because we found you; it happens because God is very happy with you and your work, so your art saved you in space. Guru Nanak Dev, Lord Shiva, Jesus, Mahavir Swami, Gautam Buddha, and Allah are all forms of God, which means they are one and not different from each other. As one man wears different clothes and looks different As God looks different in different forms, man will never understand this truth, and he fights with others for religion.
Shalin's eye filled with tears, and he cried. Alien further said:
Alien 1: You humans think that we aliens are dangerous for you, but things are different; you humans are dangerous for other civilizations. However, you can contact other civilizations in your universe.
Shalin: Now what will happen to me? Please tell me; I want to go in my time.
Alien 1: Listen; however, I said that it was impossible, but I lie. I want to test you; you are a pure-hearted person, and I will send you in your time, which means you will go in your 25th century.
Shalin (with happiness): Oh, really? Really, will I go? Thank you so very much, Gurudev, but how?
Alien 1: Because we are in the 5th dimension and we can travel in time, we can go into the future and the past.

Shalin: Oh, wow.

Alien 1: I will send you on a planet with Asteriod. After reaching home, you are permitted to say everything about us. You can also tell them how you travelled in 4505 and that you earned a doctorate degree in astrophysics. But humans will never find us.
Alien 1 carries a big capsule made up of glass, and Shalin said to go in that capsule.
Shalin: Guru Dev, I want to stay connected with you; how is that possible? If not, then I don't want to go; I will stay here permanently.
Alien put his hand on the head of Shalin and said
Alien 1: Dear Shalin, I have set your brain. After reaching home, you have to start yoga and meditate on yourself. You will automatically be connected to me. Now go, my dear; humanity is waiting for you.
Shalin touched the feet of Alien and took blessings. He also does the same for the other aliens present in that room. Shalin is gone in that glass capsule; he sleeps on the straw in the capsule, and three belts hold his hands, legs, and abdomen, respectively. He closed his eyes, and he felt that many thousands of years had passed. When he opened his eyes, he was in the ICU of the hospital. 2 doctors and 3 nurses standing around him, Shalin said:
Shalin : Where am I? Which year is running now?
Doctor 1: Mr. Shalin, you are currently on Earth. The running year is 2519. How are you feeling now?
Shalin: I'm okay, but I think that I will get a fever because I'm feeling tan in my body.
Doctor 1: You were found on the seashore of Mumbai Beach, and you are currently at the civil hospital in Mumbai. Dr. Narmadeshwer Tiwari is sitting outside the ICU room; he is waiting for your awakening.
Shalin (with happiness): Ohh! He is alive.
Doctor 1: Yes, he is alive; he wants to meet you. Wait, I'm calling him.
The nurse called Dr. Tiwari, and he came into the ICU. He was totally shocked and surprised. He asked Shalin:
Dr. Tiwari: Shalin, where have you completed your Ph.D.? When you flew, you had only a B.Sc. physics degree.
Shalin cried, and Dr. Tiwari calmed him down. After that, he explained everything to Dr. Tiwari. He told him how time dilated near the event horizon of the black hole, and when he returned to earth, there was a year of 4505. He spent seven years in the 44th century. He also explained that in the 44th century, humanity found the second planet, SEB II, for survival. He explained his mission in the year 4512. He also told how aliens helped him come again in the 26th century.
Dr. Tiwari was shocked and amazed by this biggest miracle. Dr. Tiwari accepts that only God is responsible for the saving life of Shalin. After listening to the story of Shalin, I was also amazed. After recovery, Shalin went to the Golden Temple, Amritsar, and said thanks to Guru Nanak Dev for saving his life. Shalin again joined ISRO as a scientist, but now the time is 2513, not the 44th century. He also started meditation and yoga for his connection with spirituality and the universe.
Now the year is 2515, and Shalin is 32 years old and still working with 60-year-old Dr. Tiwari. As per Shalin's statement, humanity has found a second planet that is like Earth and habitable for human beings. But one thing Shalin knows is that humans can achieve light speed but will never reach the other universe where those aliens lived!

The End.........