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The Black - 5

In the year 4512, Shalin was 28 years old and had completed his doctorate in astronomy, but he didn't want to live in the 44th century. He was frustrated and suffering from depression and anxiety. Actually, in space, there is a cluster of clouds situated 30 light years away from the solar system, which is mysterious itself. There may be new elements. Shalin, who was totally bored with his life, wants to commit suicide in space. He decides that he will investigate in the cloud, send information to Earth, but never return to planet Earth. He will also send the empty spacecraft to Earth with an autopilot system. On July 16, 4512, the spacecraft MNT12 (named after scientist Dr. Narmadeshwar Tiwari) will fly from Satish Dhawan Space Station, Harikota, at 9.00 AM. Shalin took his degree marksheets and certificate because they were the only assets he had.
Shalin decided to end his life in space, so before the commencement of the mission, he went to the Golden Temple, Amritsar, took the blessing of Guru Granth Saheb, and apologised for his suicide. Spacecraft MNT12 has taken off from Satish Dhawan Space Station. The normal speed of spacecraft was 20 times greater than the normal speed of 26th-century spacecraft. Within 3 days, a shuttle crossed the solar system and the orbit of the sun. Shalin turned on the light speed mode, and within 3 hours, Shuttle achieved light speed mode. However, the spacecraft of the 25th century, which means Shalin's spacecraft from his original time of 2505 years ago, took 5 hours to achieve light speed. Now time is again slowed down for Shalin. He connected to Earth, and as time passes, several months have been spent on Earth. After 30 days, he reached that mysterious cluster of clouds. Now he has stopped, and the AI system of the shuttle has started to investigate. It took 3 days of investigation, and after the final submission of information, he set up the computer system of the shuttle and turned on the autopilot mode. He finally ijected himself from the shuttle to end his life.
Shalin was thrown into space. He was continuously rolling in deep darkness. He thought that it was the end. He chanted the name of Guru Govind Singh, and he closed his eyes. You all are currently thinking that it is the end, but no, it is not the end. Shalin opened his eyes and was sleeping on the bed. He cleared his eyes to see properly, and he saw that some people were standing around him. They were all looking at Shalin; they are very weired in shape, but they have symmetry like humans but are different from humans.
They have a large head, a small nose, big eyes, and ears; some were 4 feet high, and some were 7 feet high. One elderly animal came near Shalin and continuously observed him. Shalin was scared and out of breath for a minute. After a few minutes, that aged animal-like person said
Aged man: You are from Earth, right?
Shalin: Y... Y...yes
Aged man: Hmmm, do you know where you are now?
Shalin : No, sir, I don't know. Who are you? Am I on Earth or SEB II?
Aged man: No, my dear, you are not in the solar system or at SEB II.
Shalin: So where am I?
Aged man: You are currently out of the Milky Way galaxy, even though you are not in your universe.
Shalin (With Scare): Means!
Aged man: My dear, You are currently out of your universe, which means you are in a parallel universe that exists in parallel with your universe.
Shalin : How's it possible? I have tried to commit suicide to end my life because I can't go back in time, so I ijected myself from my space shuttle and...
Aged man:... and you trapped in the warm hole, the shortcut that connects two universes with each other. On one side of the warm hall, there was a black hole, and on the other side, there was a white hole. You were trapped in the middle of the warm hole, and the gravitational force of the white hole tethered you towards it as if a black hole and a white hole threw you out of this universe.
Shalin : Oh no, so who are you?
Aged man: We are aliens, and this is the fifth dimension.
Shalin : Do you know English? How?
Aged man (Alien 1): Actually, we have no language to communicate; we communicate with the brain directly; in fact, मैं तो तुमसे हिन्दी मे भी बात कर सकता हू, but you are human; you can't communicate with your brain with us; we are advanced civilization; we are not here to kill you; this alien (finger pointing) was travelling, and suddenly he found you in an unconscious condition and carried you to our planet.
Shalin was setting in bed, and some Alies went out of that room directly from the wall. Shalin was surprised. He asked Alien 1:
Shalin : How is it possible? How can he cross the wall directly?
Alien 1: Because he is made up of Bose-Einstein condensate, the fifth form of matter.
Shalin was surprisingly looking towards the room.
Alien 1: This room is made up of solids, but many other things are made up of plasma, the fourth state of matter.
Shalin (with surprise): Sir, please give me more information about your civilization.
Alien 1: Shalin, I can read your mind; I know many more questions in your mind. But you will find answers to every question. I'm the king of this civilization. But we are not like you, humans. We value our planet. And we know the journey of mankind from fire to spacecraft. We also saw the evolution of humans from primitives to Homo sapiens.
(further said with a smile.)
We also know that you flew in the year 2505 and returned to Earth in the year 4505. I know that you are a follower of Guru Nanak Dev. My dear Shalin, you do know that sages and Rishis were able to travel in the multiverse! They achieved this by doing yoga and meditation. And by doing this, they were able to do anything they wanted.
Shalin: Gurudev, please say something about the lives of you all. How do you all live?
Alien 1: We have a longer life period than humans; we reproduce sexually; we are also married, but we are not like humans; we love and respect each other; we are able to protect mankind, but we never will do that because humans will spoil us. And humans will never find us because we are too far from them—billions of light years away from your Earth—but accidentally you fall into a warm hole and we find you. We respect our nature, trees, and animals, while humans are destroying everything in nature. This is why we are not connecting ourselves with mankind.