Early Ramadan donation campaign for Palestine books and stories free download online pdf in English

Early Ramadan donation campaign for Free Palestine

In the Muslim nations or anywhere there is Muslims Jakat is the most respected and precious thing for their entire community. Everybody finds their need and responsibility to perform this task and it is a great way to show devotion to the All Mighty and All Powerful. However, I am leaving the part Allah because when a country named Palestine is being devoured a simple name can be avoided to portray the unity of the world. In current times most believe in oneness that is what matters but not a specific name create divisions among each other and who knows the Islamic history properly, they know very well that it is among many names of Allah. So, at the time of need and where many rich Muslim countries are finding difficulty in managing their waste food and the excess income they have. At this time when everybody is trying to manage or portray themselves globally, in that period of time an early Ramadan Jakat campaign can be formed but not only for foods but also for medicine and those need to be sent through global health safety organizations ensuring ample amount of doctors in that team. However, the delivery method should be through schools as at this moment the Israelis are targeting the schools which is the next shelter for the refugees. An international doctors campaign is a thing where it creates binding for any country to harm as a threat to the global doctors organization it a threat to global health system. Now, if anyone considers of giving jakat to their own people do it, but make sure to keep 50% for the bigger cause and it is better to mention all the names of the fund givers whoever is willing, the massive amount of targets can lead to a chaos that no one can harm. It will portray the similar effect where the Israelis are portraying to establish which is show remorse to the lost souls and in exchange of food the names of the lost Palestinians will be collected as a monument of all Muslims to frame them as Martyrs of the Israeli invasion. The process needs to be fast and more effective than ever and if anyone thinks of the procedure of Islam, it has emphasized more on empowering than on giving for nothing in return. The core value is to create an empowered human race not a crippled one. Hope the fear of killing doctors is a thing the Israelis will fear at this moment but a secured transportation of those doctors can also ensure a secure transportation of Armed forces. Remember every lives matter and at this moment the shield of the doctors can create a shield for a nation. I guess Free Palestine it is. This is not a calling from a simple man to any particular country, but a calling to all Muslims and all people throughout the globe. Hope this one reaches the ears of every people of the world Muslim or Non-Muslim doesn't really matter.