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The Vikramaditya Secret - Chapter 1







All the characters, places, incidents and adventures narrated in this novel are totally fictions. It has been totally imaginative of the author.

There is no any resemblance of anything of this novel to the history.

This has been created for entertainment of readers only.


1310 AD

Harshad Miyani, Gujarat

“Sheth... Sheth. The hill is being spotted." The sailor who was performing his duty on the watch tower of the ship screamed.

The merchant ship was sailing at the west coast of the Gujarat state.

The Sheth Jagdu Shah rushed on the deck of the ship. He started to observe towards the indications suggested by the watch tower sailor.

It was the small hill situated on very banks of the Arabian Sea .On the top of the hill was the small temple of Goddess Harsiddhi.

Sheth Jagdu Shah saw the tiny ray of the light was coming from the temple. The source of the ray was the small oil lamp lighting inside the temple.

"Yes. We are very near. Please do your best and do not let history to repeat" The Sheth Jagdu Shah ordered to his team.

This was the seventh voyage of the Merchant Sheth Jagdu Shah. His previous six ships have been mysteriously sank in this the same spot near the hill.

So this time the Sheth Jagdu Shah himself present on the voyage to find the actual reason o behind the disaster.

His ship was now near to the hill. The face of the Sheth looked tense. He looked little worried also. He kept his fingers crossed.

When the ship came in the direct line of the temple on the hill, the atmosphere has been changed suddenly.

The big storm came with the heavy thunder. An amazing speed of wind has been emerged from nowhere. The entire ship was shaking like the big swings.

The sea water started to churn rapidly which created a giant hole of the water in the sea.

The Sheth Jagdu Shah ordered the immediate evacuation. The small rescue boats thrown from the ship and each sailor with life saving jackets has been asked to jump on the rescue boats.

At last the Sheth Jagdu Shah saw the strange rays of the light were coming from the temple on the hill. The strange rays were falling directly on the ship.

He then understood the real reason of this disaster. He jumped on the rescue boat along with his sailor and went away from the sinking ship.

The sense of the anger rose from inside him. He screamed loudly towards the temple "Hey, Harsiddhi Ma. So you are behind my disasters. ?”

“You sat on the top of the hill and enjoy the scene of the sinking ships? Yes you don’t let pass any ships beyond this level “

The Sheth waited for the second to catch his breath. He bent and took some sea water on his palm.

He again screamed towards the temple “Here I am taking an oath that one day, I will make you come downstairs so that you cannot able to sink any of my ships. Yes I am Sheth Jagdu Shah will make you to come downstairs"

Present Day,

Rajkot, Gujarat


The luxury Mercedes E class entered in the Imperial Heights, the most lavish and up market office complex in the city of the Rajkot.

The rear door of the car opened and an energetic figure emerged from the rear seat of the car.

He was in his mid sixties. He wore fine and expensive business attire. He was carrying a small attaché in his hands.

He quickly entered in to the foyer of the complex. He checked his RADO wrist watch and went towards the stairs without waiting for the lift to arrive.

He again felt that strange sense of feeling that he has been followed. He looked at his back and saw none. He shook his head and started to climb the stairs.

He took the quick steps.

Within the few seconds he reached to the third floor of the complex. He went towards the office named whose name plate was read as ‘Shah EXIM Pvt. Ltd.’

It was the one of the most prominent export & import firm of the state having an excellent reputation in the market.

He was none another than The Mr. Mahaveer Shah, the owner of the ' Shah EXIM Pvt. Ltd.'


‘Shah EXIM Pvt. Ltd. ' is the pioneer company dealing with the exports in the field of Indian Spices.

The company is also engaged as Clearing & Forwarding agent for the clients of many countries. It’s the main area of the business was the trading of the various Indian spices. It was truly multinational EXIM firm.

Mahaveer Shah is one of the most reputed figures in the city’s business circle. He was the chairman of the city’s chamber of the commerce and industries circle. He was also the leader of the various business associations.

He was example and role model for future business aspirants. He often appears as the guest faculty to the management students and shares his wisdom of business and management skills to the future business aspirants.

The security guard at the office door rose from his chair and opened the gate for the Mr. Shah. In response he smiled and patted on the guard's shoulder.

He got the morning greetings from all of his staff members. He also wishes them the good wishes in reply.

He reached to his chamber. His chamber was on the last corner of his office.

He opened the door of his chamber and surprised to see someone was seating on his chair.


“Hello Dadaji! Jay Jinendra “Poorva jumped from the chair.

“Jay Jinendra Beta. What you are doing here in this time of the day? “Mahaveer Shah put his attached on the table.

Poorva was the grand daughter and only family member of Mr. Shah.

Poorva's parents were killed in the tragic car accident. Now she was only living decedents of Mahaveer Shah.

“I came here to invite you on our management college's annual day function” She paused

“OK than?” Mr. Shah asked

“The dean of our college has specially requested you to give the guest lecture on the Business & Management “Poorva replied

“So that's why I have been invited " Mahaveer Shah replied with smile

“Tell your Dean that I would be happy to do the same “Mahaveer Shah pinched her chick.

“That’s my sweet Dadu. Bye... “Poorva kissed an old man's chick and left the chamber.

Mahaveer Shah went towards the corner of the chamber. There were the two photographs were hanged on the wall.

One photo of was his late son and daughter in law who were killed by tragic car accident.

They were hit by the giant truck at the bridge near Miyani village on the road of Porbandar to Dwarika.

Their car broke the railing of the bridge and fell on the bay. The entire car and bodies were not found. It was very horrible incident.

Each and every day Mr. Shah looked at the photo with great pain and agony.

He knew that their death were the price of the secret his family were holding. The secret that his family dynasty his holding from generation to generation.

The secret is so powerful and unthinkable that it could change the fate of the entire society.