Crumpled Paper Ball

A seven-year-old girl was playing along with a doll in her room. The girl had worn a beautiful pink frock. Her sparkling big eyes turned to the door as it opened with the slightest crackling noise. Around thirty-five-year-old man entered in with a vile smile. As she saw his abhorrent face—her little heart skipped a beat. He stoppered the door. As his foots were approaching near to her—her innocent face turned crying. His presence made her scared and disturbed from deep inside. Her mind strongly urged to disappeared or hide somewhere where he cannot see or touch her. But how could she?

He smiled piggish and sat beside her. “Look…! Daddy has brought a lot of chocolates and Cadbury for my obedient girl…! You love these chocolates, isn’t it?”

She neither looked at him nor at the chocolates. With teary eyes she was looking at her doll.

He caressed her back with lustful manner. As he held her from the armpit to seat her on his thigh, she struggled to get off of his touch. She cried her mouth opened with saliva, “Don’t touch me…! Please…!!”

“Shhh…!! Daddy loves you… come on. Sit on my lap…” he forcefully held her…

“NO…!! You are not my daddy… You are dirty…!” she struggled, cried and pleaded, but he ignored it all and laid her on his thigh. She furiously raised her hand to slap him—but couldn’t make it, “I hate you… I want to go home.”

“This is your home NOW…!!” He raised his hand to slap and bulged out his monstrous eyeball, “Shut your mouth…!! Or I’ll slap you hard…!!”

By his threatening words and furious expressions, her heart frightened to be silent. Tears were streaming down from her bright big eyes. Her pouted lips and hands were trembling.

“Good girl… If you’ll cry or scream, then I’ll take you to the jungle at mid-night and leave you there all alone. At mid-night all scariest dirty creature will come out and eat you whole… No one will hear your scream there. Do you want me to leave you there to die?”

She shook from her soul Just to imagine the idea of being there at mid-night alone with weirdest creatures to eat her.

“Do you want that happen to you…?” He asked. Yet his devilish eyes, monstrous face and raucous voice weren’t less than the wild creature.

Doll fell down from her trembling hand. She shook her head a bit. She was trying to hold the tears and not to cry, but burning acidic emotions were bursting out from within like a volcano… In her closed lips, she couldn’t stop crying silently. Memories of a few days back flashed back on her mind. His every touch was burning her inside—and destroying her innocence.

“Don’t cry! Now you’re daddy’s good girl…” His filthy palm fondled on her back and then unzipped her dress.

She unwillingly stayed on his thigh to be part of his grimy game—in which she became the helpless puppet doll. Monster played with her soft body and she remained mute.

As he done his perversion, he kissed her and sewed her mouth by saying, “Don’t tell anyone about our game, Okay?”

She sobbingly nodded.

“That’s my good girl…!! If you tell someone, then daddy will hurt you very bad… You want that happen…??”

“N-No…” she wiped her tears.

A wicked smile stretched on his cracked lips. And he went out…

The girl picked up her doll and hugged her tightly. Inner volcano burst into a silent cry. Her mind strongly urged to run out to the orphanage. She hated this place and that monster from her core of heart.

After a few hours, she grabbed a paper and pencil and started drawing something to bring out her inner agony and afflictions. She drew what her emotions and feelings led her to—and then she furiously crumpled the paper and threw it out of the window.

Like this many times, she endured the sexual abuse and she continuously repeated the same drawing again and again—and threw out the crumpled paper out of the window.

One day, nature created favorable circumstances for her. She threw the crumpled paper-ball out of the window and it fell upon a gentle man’s head while he was walking. He wondered who threw the crumple paper-ball on him! He curiously picked it up and opened it. What he saw in it—was the mirror of his abusive childhood. That drawing made his eyes welled up with painful memories.

He looked around and used his logical mind to figure out from where the crumpled paper-ball had fallen upon him. He spotted the open window near him. OH MY GOD—His mind shocked as he recognized that whose that house was. The orphan girl who was adopted by… he crushed his anger between the jaws.

He patiently did his investigation and took enough evidence to reveal the hypocrisy of that man in front of the society. After a few days, the girl released from the hell and brought back to the orphanage.

(Sometimes the smallest effort of expressing your inner agony—can save your life from unbearable circumstances. Give sign… nature will somehow save you… This story may seem disturbing, but it can be the reality of somebody's life.)



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