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It is 10 O'clock - 1

It is 10 o’clock in Ahmedabad. Most of all the offices are being opened now. A branch office of a very famous bank is also being opened now. The staff members are coming to the office . At that time a normal looking boy named Krishna Patel arrives at the office. He is a very good natured boy from a very respected background. He himself set a very high standard in everything he does. But the problem is he was stuck in a 10 to 6 job. He lost the spice of life. When he was in college , he used to enjoy very much.
But now he got very bored because of his daily boring routine life. He is thinking it just now while opening his email. And one particular email catches his concentration. The email was about an adventurous trekking camp being held in Shimla. Krishna is excited by reading that email and immediately he has decided to join the camp. He opened the website and filled up the form that afternoon after lunch. In the evening he went to the office for paying the fees for joining the camp. He reached home at 9 o’clock. He dined with his parents and went to sleep. Soon after he fell asleep he started to dream about the adventure he is going to have the next day.
He got ready early in the morning because he had to catch the early morning 5 a.m. train to Delhi. He went to the station at 4:30 am and was searching the compartment. He found it and adjusted himself him in the compartment. The train reached the Delhi station and the remaining journey to the camp needs to be finished in Bus. So finally Krishna reached the camp site in the evening , might be almost night. The atmosphere was very good at the camp site. The atmosphere was a bit cold , but the camp fire kept it little warm. The small fire insects were flying around making the environment a little mysterious but very nice. Krishna was feeling very good , he dined at the site and then went to his tent to sleep because he was very tired. But he was not aware of the fact a very unique surprise is waiting for him.
Next day somewhere around 4:30 am in the morning , he was awaken by a loud sound. He came out of the tent with his eyes half closed. And all of a sudden he saw a girl , the most beautiful girl on the Earth. It was dawn , the Sun did not come out fully. The Sun rays were golden . And those rays were making the girl’s body very shiny as if she were made up of gold. She was in fear but that fear on her face was making her even more beautiful. Krishna could not take his eyes of her and instead of helping he just stood there. He was not able to see her face but her long hair was visible, because of running her hair was looking like a dark cloud which also wanted to see the beauty so chasing her face. Her body shape was so perfect that you could not find a nano byte of imperfection with even a magnifying glass. Then all of a sudden she stopped running , because the snake was caught by the camp officials and she sat on t rock but she was breathing very heavily. And Krishna was still watching her , she was sweating and Krishna was jealous of that because the water droplets could touch her and he was not able to do that. Krishna felt that the rock on which she was sitting , taunting him that , “dekha muje chhu liya usne tuje nai “. And then something astonishing happened , she looked at him , smiled and walked away towards her tent.
Krishna was so shocked that he could not even smile back, because his heart was pierced by that smile. He lost his heart for ever. On that day in noon , they had to walk to 5 kms. Krishna was dying to meet her. So he was thinking from where to begin. He was walking but his concentration was not on road ahead and all of a sudden he fell down and twisted his ankle. The camp officials took him back to the camp despite of the fact that he wanted to go with them. Krishna could not believe his luck , he was cursing himself while resting in his tent. Around 8 o’clock they came back. The dinner was at 9. Krishna was waiting for this moment because he could see her at least. She was at the far corner so he was able to see but not properly. Krishna was very sad. After the dinner everybody needed to wash their utensils so he walked towards the river to wash his.
But he never did anything like this before and apart from that his ankle was paining so it was not comfortable for him to wash them. And a very sweet voice struck his ears saying that , “me kuchh madad kar dun ?“ . He turned back to see who was she ? And to the utmost surprise it was her, Krishna fumbled and about to fell in the water and she caught his arm. My god, the Midas touch , the touch almost stopped his heart , the touch wiped out every negative thought from his mind , the touch was like the touch of life , the touch heat up the blood in Krishna’s veins , And finally the touch gave a birth to new Krishna Patel. He just stared her and she aksed , “ ap har ladki to ese ghurte ho ? “ , he wanted to say no but words were not coming out of his mouth and he said , u r beautiful. She laughed and said I know. She helped him in cleaning his utensils and while doing that she asked him that was he afraid of snakes ? Now Krishna was bit ok so he replied no. Then she asked why did not he help her in the morning. He said that , “ that snake was not trying to attack you “. She looked curious. He said , “it just wanted to touch the most beautiful creation of the God . Your smell might have attracted it towards you. Poor creature won’t be able to live more “. She asked why ? He said he could not touch you that’s why. She said u are a nice bluffer mister ? He said Krishna and you are ? She replied Aashka Pandya. He said wow very nice name , “ vaise bhi apka nam kuchh aur ho hi nai sakta , kyunki ape k diye ki jyot jaisi hi pavitra aur nirdosh najar ati he , sach kehta hun “. She rounded her eyes and said enough Krishna I am overwhelmed. He said he is only saying the truth , only truth and nothing but the truth as if he were taking an auth. She laughed very loudly by this action. And then their first meeting was over.
Next day in the morning , they had to visit a nearby waterfall but Krishna was not allowed to go. And he literally fought with the camp official to go. They started to walk , he was in immense pain but as soon as he saw her his cells forgot to send the pain signal to the brain. She greeted him and again that touch , those cute little tender fingers filled happiness in every cell of his body. She asked him that why did you come ? He waited for some time and replied that he could not miss any single chance to see the venus(the goddess of love) herself. She angrily said , “ ap phir shuru ho gaye ? “ . He said ,” sach keh raha hun yar”, you don’t know what you are. She was enjoying the talk and just smiling. Krishna was enjoying every moment of the day. He was noticing every movement of hers and every action of hers. Then rest of the day nothing exciting happened.
And finally the last day came. Krishna was worried that from tomorrow what would he do ? how would he live ? So Krishnahad decided to know everything about her. So he went to take breakfast with her. She just took the bath and my god she was looking so fresh that even flowers might want to borrow some freshness from her. She asked him about his leg. He said it is ok now. And asked where r u from ? She said from the Earth. He smiled and said very funny , please tell me where are you from ? And to his great surprise she said Ahmedabad. On listening this he wanted to dance but he could not . He said what , me too . But then why did not we meet in the train ? She said she joined directly from Delhi that’s why.
Then he dared and asked her phone number. She said yar I already told you many things but I cant give you the number and she walked away. Krishna was both shocked and surprised. Later on that day it was camp fire at the night as it was the last day at the camp.
At 10 o’clock in the night , there was a camp fire. Everybody gathered around the fire and waiting for the camp officials to do something exciting. So it was decided that everybody must represent his or her talent. One by one everybody was performing. And now there was Krishna’s turn. He stood up and said I would not represent any talent but I wanted to tell you something. He said , I joined this camp in search of adventure but my dream came true. I wanted to see the beauty of mother nature , but I saw the God’s most beautiful angel, god’s perfect creation. Aashka was listening carefully and it did not take much time to understand that he was talking about her and she started to blush. He said he came here in search of something different which could fill his life with some action but he got the true meaning of his life. Then he turned towards Aashka and said can you please come here in front of me ? She was feeling very shy , but still she came. As she reached there , he knelt before her and asked with all the feelings he had. Will you be my partner to walk the path of life ? Will you the beacon of light for the rest of my life ? Will you accompany me to face the music of life ? Will you with me to smell every piece of life ? He was speaking so passionately that everybody forgot to even blink. Now it was her turn to speak. She was so touched by his actions that she just nodded her head and said yes. Krishna could not believe first so he said to speak again and this time she hold his face into her soft hands and said, “ han han han han han “. Krishna was thrilled on hearing this may be his ears were designed only to listen these words.