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It is 10 O'clock - 12

Krishna went back home after dropping Priyanka home. The entire way back home the only thought in his mind was about Abha. A four years old girl digested the most bitter truth of life with a smiling face. Krishna’s face was shining, and his heart started to heal effectively now. He reached home and entered his house with the same energy as before the entire Aashka episode. His mother got her son back.

After having dinner with his family, Krishna went on the terrace. While walking, he had made up his mind and decided firmly to stick to that plan. Now he wants more from life and he will shed every drop of blood and sweat to achieve that goal. Next day, as soon as he reached to office, he applied for a sabbatical leave for 6 months from his bank. He wanted to research for his own business. He wanted to earn money but not for some earthly desires but to help kids like Abha. It was a noble thought, but how to execute that is the biggest question for him.

He called Priyanka and said,’ Let us meet today at 5 pm at our favorite coffee shop. Priyanka agreed on the call. Krishna reached early and was waiting for Priyanka. Suddenly a gush of fresh air touched the body of Krishna. Tiny clouds of happy memories clouded his mind. He caught the smell of Priyanka’s scent and looked in her direction. She was looking gorgeous in a pink embroidered kurti and blue denim jeans. Her hair was free flowing in the air as if the gas particles were trying to catch them. A naughty smile covering her entire face was giving a different experience to the beholder. Krishna was transfixed on her face.

She came near to him and said,’ Hi buddy how are you doing? What was so important that you wanted to discuss in a hurry?’. Krishna came back to his senses and said,’ I want to start my own business’. Nice idea, she said. And added, see you are a banker, so you know all the nitty-gritties of business. But there are two most important questions to be answered before starting any business. First is what is the idea of the business and second is where is the money to be invested in the idea? If you have answers for these two questions, we can think of some of the other necessities to start the business.

Krishna said, ‘Slow down madam. I just wanted to run this idea by you. I mean what is your take regarding this’. She smiled and said,’ See it is always good to work for you and your passion. But again, it has its own set of problems. You just came out of a shock and this seems to be a rebound.’ Krishna looked perplexed. He was not able to understand. Priyanka cleared her throat and said, ‘Let me explain. When we find ourselves in danger, our mind pumps adrenaline in our system which gives us extra power and allows us to do things which normally we can not do.’

In your case, your heart was broken badly and now you want to take huge risks to overcome that feeling of sadness or to prove to her that you are not a loser. Krishna now got the crux of what is she saying. He assured her that, ‘it is not the case’. He wanted to do business so that he can earn money to repay the debts of society. Now it is Priyanka’s turn to get bemused. Krishna said, ‘We grow up in a society, study in a society but we never think of repaying it. Because it is so casual for us, we never feel the presence of society or the vital role of society in our lives. No matter where we do, what we do, society will always be around us.’ So, I just want to pay the debt of society and be helpful to the people anyways I can, using the power bestowed upon me by the almighty God.

Priyanka felt deeply happy, her friend was back on track with a new powerful force. She said this is fantastic and start working on the idea now and let me know as soon as possible so that together we can find the investor for your business.

In the next part we will see how Krishna can start his business. Will he face difficulties? Will he lose hope again? Will he fight back? Please provide rating and feedback whenever possible. Thanks.