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See every man must have goal.As we know before some years when survey was done, at that time only 3 to 4 % had goal. Now it not must be more than 8 to 9 %. This is very strange. Every man must have goal in his life. If you have not made goal than please make your goal. If you are in age of 20 30 40 or 60, yet no problem but make goal for your life.

All motivators says make goal to become big man or make goal to be rich more or make goal to have name and fame. This is good and this is important also but with this, I insist to make one mental goal. There are so many important mental goal. Today we will talk about a goal to be achived, is LOVE.

Suppose there is one doctor. Every doctor thinks how he can earn more money. How he can practice more and more in his life.But if doctor loves his patient than things will be totally different. Whenever patient comes and if he treats with extreme love than what you think, can he cheat his patient ? And if he do practice with love than the ultimate satisfaction and happiness he will get and the value of happiness is more than any amount of money.

Every shopkeeper does his business to get more and more money but if he loves his customer than the behaviour of shopkeeper will be entirety different towads his customer.

Every father and mother says we love our children. But if you think very deeply than you will not find love but you will find only and only expectation. When childern brings only less percent in exam than they becomes so upset and treat their child like anything. When they grow and doesnot fullfill parents wishes than parents becomes so wild. So this is not love . If parents loves their childern than they must allow them to do what they wants. Parents can guide and every parents should guide their children but when it becomes compulsion in the name of love, it becomes so horrible.

Friends, everybody believes that he is special person and he is entitled to receive love from everyone. But when he doesn't get love, he becomes upset. But the thing is very different. If you want love than don't demand from anybody. Nobody will give you love nor nobody can give you love. But if you love everyone without any expectation than the shower of love will come to you. But in the name of love if you have selfishness than you will never get love.

In freindship we see we have so many friends are there. But we always demand from our friends so many things. If we have expectation of one thing and if he does some different thing than we immediately belives that yaar, this is not good freind.

I have one friend who is always complaining in our group that he has done wrong or he is so selfish or he has not given me proper answer. And by this type of nature, naturally all friends wants to keep away this friend. Now litterly he is lonly. I told him so many times that we are lucky that we have such a nice group and if you love our each and every friend than you will have no complaints and in whole earth nobody is perfect. With his imperfectness we have to love each man than you will have no complaints.

Friends when you have really love in your heart you will have never complaints of anybody and you will live as a happiest person on life.

Friends all motivator says make goal of life and be big man,It is good. But I am saying make one mental goal that I will love everyone without choice. Than the whole world will be different. And one most important thing that you have to remember this moment to moment. If you remember only in the morning and forget for full day than it won't work. So you have to remember for moment to moment about unconditioned love.

Friends, make goal to love everyone and be happiest person.