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Reason of failures.

Every man facing failure. Failure is invetible. Nobody wants to be failed but the fact is that failure comes and we have to face it. We should search a way or search a reason why failure came than we can handle it properly.

Suppose you have given a exam and when result comes and if you find that you are failed than this is very much trouble for you. Now what will you do? Sure you will become upset. Now if you will go to temple and tell God that what this is happened to me ? Why this is done to me and crying than this problem never solved. If you get upset and think my life is ruined now no way to live than sure you will be in tremendous tension and always remember you only you will suffer. Nobody, nobody will never finish your problem, nor nobody will feel grief as you feel. Another person will always believe that you are too much giving important to your problem. In this type of situation you are alone only. Now you must do this thing.

First of all you should think that this is my mistake that I have not learnt properly so I failed if I have done enough hard work than I would have passed. This is totally my responsibility and that is why I am failed. Whenever you take responsibility for your failure than you never will get upset. Than if anybody will come and say yaar this is worst happened to you than you will not cry you will say leave yaar, this is only my mistake that I couldn't learn well so I am failed. Now who will give you grief. Always remember when you take total responsibility of your failure, you will become so light and you will never go in depression.

Albert Einstein was great scientist. He was working on some invention. So many times he failed. Whenever anybody asked him what has happened how you are not success? We think all your colleagues are not working well so you are not succeeded. All the time Einstein used to tell no my colleagues are good and hard worker but I am doing some mistake so that we are not getting real way. Now from tomorrow I will work hard. See this type of attitude never give trouble to any person. And when Einstein got success he always used to tell my all colleagues has done so hard work so I got success.

Friends, Whenever we take full responsibility for our unsuccess than we we are free from tension. Now you become so light.

One my friend working in one corporate office he always complainig me my manager is very bad and always always give me trouble and always stop my increment and progress. Whenever he meets me always he is in tension. I told him you are thinking in very wrong way. I am sure that you are not really hard worker or sure you are not doing well to your work or you are not doing hard work as all others are doing. Otherwise if you really hard worker than nobody can deny it. I told him you think by this dimension for one month and take more responsibility than result will be different.

He took my advice seriously and thinks about what he was doing mistake. After one month he was so happy and told me yaar, this formula really worked. When I think I am only responsible for this, my attitude change towards my manger and now all is well. Now I am doing more hard work and my manger is really very good to me.

Friends, always say I am responsible for my life than you will be relaxed and you will never be in tension

More money, more fame, more name ,be big man are all superficial. You should try for more but not with tension not with unnecessary mental trouble not with complainig but with joy. And when you take full responsibility for your failure than nobody and nothing can upset you.

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