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It is 10 O’clock - 16

Krishna was in a tremendous shock so for a while he could not speak anything. Then he said, ‘Is there any way to solve this problem?’ Mr. Bhatt looked surprised by that answer and after a careful thought he said, ‘Yes. If you can somehow prove that you know agriculture very well and you are eligible to do it plus if someone agrees to be a guarantor or you must have a property under your name to take a loan against it. Because if you fail to repay the loan, bank can sell that property and recover the money.’ Krishna could not find an appropriate answer for the same. He asked, ‘Any solution to the first problem. How can I prove that I know agriculture or I have that experience to handle this domain.’ Bhatt said, ‘I understand that you are a very passionate guy. But bank has certain rules. I may be able to find a way around the first reason but second one I cannot. I would still recommend that you train yourself very well in this domain.’

Krishna got the message. He greeted him and left the bank without meeting Monika. This side Monika was eagerly waiting for Krishna’s call, as she could not see him in pain. Monika used to love Krishna when they were kids. But she never expressed her love for him, and Krishna was completely unaware of that situation. Monika was in two minds about expressing her feelings to him. She wanted to but she was waiting for the right time. On the other side, unaware of this situation, Krishna was trying to reach Priyanka. But her mobile number was out of coverage area. So, he could not talk to her. He was sitting on his bike and thinking what to do next. Monika came out of the bank just to have a look if she could find Krishna.

To her surprise, she saw him. She yelled his name and just ran towards him. Most of the people heard that and started to look in that direction. Because of that Monika felt shy but still she just kept on going. She hugged Krishna tightly without worrying about others and asked, ‘Why were you leaving without meeting me? Am I not important to you? I was waiting for you. How can you do this to me Kishu?’ She had tears in her eyes. She felt that the love she had for him is single sided. Krishna said, ‘I lost control of my thoughts Monki. Seriously sorry, I forgot to call you. But there was nothing to call. As I do not have any guarantee for this loan.’ Monika said, ‘Do not loose your heart Kishu. We will find a way to solve the problem as now we know the problem.

Krishna nodded in agreement. But deep down his heart he knew that only Priyanka could solve this problem. Suddenly, he realized that recently he started to depend highly on Priyanka. And whenever he met her, he felt very good. Was it just friendship or something else? Monika shook his shoulder and asked, ‘What are you thinking? I am here Krishna. Talk to me. Do not do like this. You know I do not like waiting or if someone ignores me.’ Krishna held her hand and said, ‘I know you are here with me and supporting me. But these problems are huge, and I can not think any way out of this.’ Monika was about to say something, and Krishna’s phone rang. It was Priyanka. Krishna’s face lighted and he smiled while answering the call, ‘Where are you Priyanka. I need you and you are unreachable.’ She replied, ‘I was in the flight Krishna. As soon I land, I called you. So, tell me what the bank official said to you?’

Monika felt steep pain in her heart. It was jealousy. Her love was waiting for someone else’s call. Krishna never seemed this happy while talking to her. She started to see Priyanka as a serious threat to her love. Monika was not a bad girl at all, but she loved Krishna too much to share him with anyone. Monika tried to interrupt the call but failed. She got upset. Meanwhile, Priyanka asked Krishna to come to her home to plan to sort out these loan related problems. Monika heard that and she did not like that a bit. She wanted to help her Kishu and she could not bear anyone else doing it. But how could she stop that? She was in these thoughts when Krishna said, ‘Madam, let me take your leave now. I am relaxed now as Priyanka will solve these problems. You know she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I cannot expect any single second of my life without her.’ Every single sentence was piercing Monika’s heart very badly. But she could not do anything at that time apart from listening to those things with a smiling face.

In the next episode, what will Krishna do? Will Monika be able to express her love? Is Krishna in love with Priyanka? To know more, please read the next part and whenever possible please review and rate.

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