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It is 10 O' Clock - 15

A few days passed. Krishna was eagerly waiting for Monika’s call. He managed to control himself somehow. Priyanka was also out of town for some social work with her father. Finally, the decision day arrived. Monika called and without even listening to her answer, Krishna eagerly asked, ‘when can I collect the cheque?’ Monika said, ‘Kishu, please calm down. And tell me where you are right now?’ Krishna said, ‘Don’t worry, I will come and collect the cheque from your bank.’ Monika said again, ‘Krishna can you come to the garden near the bank?’ Krishna said yes and without even hearing the remaining words. He just ran out of this home and started his bike. He wanted to reach asap. He could have flown there if he had wings.

Krishna reached the garden in no time and his eyes were trying to find Monika. Finally, a site to his sour eyes. He found Monika sitting on a bench in the middle of the garden. Krishna almost ran towards her. Krishna’s heart was filled with joy while Monika’s face was saying a different story. She was sad and Krishna’s heart sank. He asked, ‘What happened Monika? What is the status of my loan? Is it passed? When will I get the cheque? Or the money will be deposited in the bank account directly???’ Monika said, ‘Loan is rejected.’ Krishna’s world scattered to pieces. His dreams were shattered, and his heart sank. Then he laughed and said to Monika, ‘You are kidding right as per your nature. You are pulling my leg. Please Monki, give me my letter.’ Monika was still sad and said the same again, it was rejected Krishna. Krishna just sat there on the bench for a while and said nothing. Monika hold his hand and said, ‘Kishu, we will find a way. Please don’t loose your heart.’ Krishna did not say anything. He was completely silent for 5 long minutes. Monika was silently waiting for Krishna to come out of his silent mode.

After a while, Krishna stoop up and said, ‘What is the next step? The bank needs to tell me why the loan is rejected?’ Monika agreed and said, ‘For that the loan officer will meet you at the bank around 5 pm today. Meet him and try to understand the reason for the rejection. I hope that there must be some confusion and they will agree and pass the loan.’ Krishna nodded but without any positivity. Both walked towards the entrance of the park and for both that was the longest walk ever. Monika’s heart was crushed seeing Krishna that way. She decided firmly that she would help him every possible way. Monika was there during the lunch hour, so she told Krishna, ‘I am going to the bank now. You come at 4:45 and meet the person from the loan department.’

Both went in different directions. Monika was worried about Krishna. But one thing was sure Monika was worried about Krishna. Krishna was thinking about one more failure, he was not depressed. But he was thinking that how many more failures he could take. How much longer could he go on??? Krishna was in these thoughts and Priyanka called him. He answered the call. Priyanka asked, ‘Hi handsome. What is the status of your loan?’ Krishna could not control his emotions and cried while answering, ‘Did not get it Priyanka. No matter how hard I try, I get failures upon failures.’ Priyanka felt the pain in his voice, and she said, ‘See Krishna Failures are the milestones to the road of success. You can not have success without failures. My father always tells me something, let me just remind you that line again. A silent sea cannot product a skillful sailor.’

And she added, ‘I am not saying it is not painful. It is painful. But every night has a morning. Every deep dark cave has a ray of light at the end of it. You are supposed to walk towards that, or you will never succeed. So, be strong my best friend and find out the hurdle between you and your loan and remove it with your hard work.’

Krishna was now filled with a different level of confidence and he said, ‘Thanks Priyanka. You are my savior. What would I do without you???’ Priyanka laughed and said to herself, ‘I am not your savior, you are my love. So, I am saving myself.’ Krishna did not hear that, so he asked, ‘What did you just say?’ Priyanka said it was nothing and added, ‘Bye then. Now go and find out the reason from the bank.’ Krishna agreed and call was disconnected. Krishna was now ready to meet the bank official. It was already 4:30 PM so he started towards the bank. After reaching to the bank, he had to wait for some time to meet Mr. Bhatt the bank official. Mr. Bhatt then arrived in his cabin and greeted Krishna. He said, ‘Mr. Krishna, it was a nice proposal. But bank has its own doubts. First one is, you are not a farmer. So, the chances of getting failed are very high. Second one is, guarantee. You do not have a guarantor to support this loan in case the entire project gets failed. And due to these reasons, we are extremely sorry, but we have to deny your loan application.’

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