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Revenge of the Ghost - 20

The talisman was in her hand. Shashtriji immediately looked at Ravindra and the talisman was not there in his neck. He was hypnotized by the ghost and he just started to walk towards the ghost. Shashtriji quickly jumped out the jeep and ran after him. While running he drew a circle of salt around Ravindra and sat on the ground. Shashtriji started to chant holy mantras and this time he pulled out a bottle filled with holy water and a small trident blessed by the Lord Shiva. Ravindra was stuck inside the circle and could not move out of it. Though he was looking viciously at Shashtriji and trying frantically hard to move out of the circle. But the circle was intact and did everything to protect Ravindra. Shashtriji sprinkled holy water and Satya started to scream. With every sprinkle she was feeling powerless and then she got converted to a fireball and vanished.

Ravindra collapsed in the circle. After a while he opened his eyes. Because of the fall, his head was heavy. His ears were aching too because of the blood. He had no fear in his mind and he was feeling relaxed. He quickly realised that he was in the temple. Shashtriji came to him and said, ‘We are safe now. Drink this water.’ Ravindra emptied the bottle with huge and quick gulps. He felt relaxed. He was in the temple of Lord Shiva. The environment was holly and pure. No matter how powerful any ghost could be, but it could not enter this temple. It was protected by the Lord Shiva himself as per an old saying in this village. He stood up and went near the idol and folded his hands. He said, ‘Please God give me my Satya back unharmed. I will not be able to live without her. She is my soulmate. O Lord you are merciful. Please grant this wish to me. Please.’

Shashtriji lighted 101 small handmade earthen lamps and that had a positive vibe all around. Shashtriji arranged all the lamps in such a way that it created the word “OM”. The beginning of life and known as the sound of the Universe. The scene was divine. It was around 10 pm so there was no one in the temple apart from the temple priest. He was also getting ready to go home but he saw Shashtriji and he stopped to help him. Shashtriji called Ravindra and asked him to tell everything from the beginning.

And he started from the beginning. From the first murder till the last one with every possible detail he could remember. He journeyed down the memory lane and provided details very minutely. He was once again in pain of those gruesome murders and his heart felt heavy again. Shashtriji said, ‘There has to be a connection among all these murders as the ghost is not on a killing spree. It is targeting the victims on some basis which are unknown to us. But to fight the ghost we need to find out who she is and why is she targeting all these people. And she does not look finished and that means more murders in the next coming days.’

Ravindra nodded in agreement. And said, ‘Satya found something in the library. So, it must be in her notebook. I need to find that. I also found the oldest person in this village and I think we can start from there.’ Shashtriji said yes and they both decided to spend the night in the temple as it was the safest place in the current situation. The temple priest opened an old room for them and they both slept over there for the night. The night was spent in discomfiture for Ravindra as the most important part of his life was missing and was in grave danger. He prayed the God many times and even sobbed a little.

Next morning, both woke up with a ray of hope and hearts filled with strength. Both prayed the God and joined the morning prayer. As decided, Ravindra and Shashtriji went to meet Shankarbaba. The constable already gave the location of Shankarbaba. It was a walking distance from the temple. Both reached there in a few minutes. They saw the hut from a distance and Ravindra could not understand but he knew in his gut that the first clue would be from there only. And his gut was never wrong.

Will Shankarbaba be able to provide the first clue? To know all the answers please read the next part. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.

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