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Revenge of the Ghost - 19

The jeep started towards the temple but Shashtriji looked worried. He kept on looking around while Ravindra was driving. He looked a bit calmer, but his insides were boiling with anger or might be grief of losing Satya. He wanted to wail as hard as he could, but he needed to be calm to save Satya. There was a turn ahead and Ravindra slowed the jeep. As soon as he took the turn, he saw a little girl standing in the middle of the road and crying vehemently. Ravindra stopped the jeep and both were out to check. Suddenly a gush of cold air surrounded them and Shashtriji knew something was not right. He pulled Ravindra back and asked him to wait there.

Shashtriji stepped slowly towards the girl while chanting holy mantras. He pulled out some seeds from his bag, he blew some air on the seeds and threw the seeds over that girl. That girl screamed like hell. The entire area got stunned and silenced. There was absolutely no sound and then a high-pitched cry and that girl became Satya, and she was calling Ravindra for help. She was crying but there was blood instead of water. Ravindra’s heart sank and he almost rushed towards her to help his beloved Satya. Shashtriji kept on shouting his name asking him to stop but Ravindra was not Ravindra at that time. He was a lover, and his love was in danger, so all his senses were telling him just to save her.

The entire atmosphere was scary. It was dark. There was no one there apart from two humans and an evil soul. The animals and birds were scared to death to make any sound. They were just silent witnesses of the tableau. Shashtriji kept on chanting the mantras louder and louder and kept on throwing seeds on Satya. And every single time the screams were louder and louder. There was blood flowing out of Ravindra’s ears because of the high-pitched sounds. Ravindra was being pushed back and Satya kept on calling him and asking him to remove the talisman given by Shashtriji. On the other side, Shashtriji was walking side by side with Ravindra and urging him not to remove that talisman from his neck. As soon as Ravindra reached near to Satya and tried to hold her hand, she got converted into a fire ball and vanished in thin air.

Ravindra tried to hold her but he caught only air between his fingers. His Satya slipped again from his hands. He looked with an urging face towards Shashtriji to save her. Shashtriji held his hand and almost dragged him towards the jeep and said, ‘Ravindra, it is extremely important for us to reach to this temple. Please let us go there.’ Ravindra still was transfixed at the place where Satya was standing before a while. Both were back in the jeep and Ravindra turned on the ignition. Jeep started with a mild push. Temple was nearby just a few kilometers away. And there she was. Satya was floating in the air in the middle of the road and was rushing towards the running jeep. Shashtriji said, ‘Ravindra, do not stop the jeep. She is not Satya. She is the ghost, and she is trying to stop you. Do not let her stop you. Do not stop the jeep. Satya will not be harmed.’

Ravindra kept on going this time and he managed to realise the situation. Satya was circling the jeep with a very rapid force. She was screaming Ravindra’s name and asking him to help her. Ravindra could not tolerate that anymore and he braked. Satya was in front of the jeep, floating in the air and urging him to come to her and save her. Ravindra looked into the eyes of Satya and they were deep, black eyes with blood tainted tears oozing out of them. She tried to lift the jeep and throw away the jeep into the nearby valley. She could not as Shashtriji stopped her from doing so. The same old sound was there, ‘Shashtriji, do not try to keep Ravindra from me. He is mine and let him go or you will lose your life. I am much more powerful than you are. See.’

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