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Alone - 1

Hello Readers i hope you like my stories i am a new author so please enjoy!

The past Anita before the present

Their is a girl named Anita. Just 3 years old when she started school but now when she is 5 she was really stubborn, annoying, but also very intelligent she used to love sport day which is on Wednesday, Some times she hide at the corner, while sometimes she cheat to win and get a little attention.

These are the reasons she did not have friends in school she always feels their actually no need for one in anyway.

But she loved her grand parent very much. She did not know how to read very well but she tried in reading the way she could.The house helper did not really like her because of her stubbornness but she did not care. The house helper wakes her up very early everyday because she is also going to school but all she gets is shouts and screams from Anita saying i want sleep leave me alone!. Her grandma always comes to help because she lives with her grand partent at that time.

She always arrive late to school (She is in grade 1)getting strokes of cane in her hands but she does not cry although in her first experience she cried i guess she just got used to it.

She really tried to make friends saying hello my name is Anita and you they ignored her they know she is a trouble maker they also think they might be led into trouble.

Their was oneday while their class teacher went to a metting asking them to not make any noise but she made noise their was a class captin their he was in a higher class in grade 4 his name was jeff when the was controlling the class she was making noise the teacher came back they all said she was making noise but she blamed it on another person but obviously the teacher did not believe her she knelt down all the time for class, she did not like that one bit.

Their was a day the teacher left the class for just 5 minites told the students to put their head on the table and not to raise their heads untill she comes (about 25 students then) they all obeyed including Anita but when she saw the teacher was gone and she knew no one was watching she stood up walked to the teachers table and took her phone because no one was watching. It was a stange object to her she tried opperating it she saw her grandma using it actually her grandma has a lot of phones but she has never opperated one before her mum and dad are in another country at that time so she lived with her grandparent for the mean time. Now she tried to open the phone when it sliped from her head everyone in shock raised their head she was scared sweat stated to drip from her small face now about to cry the door opened the teacher had return.

To be continued

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