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Alone - 6 - Wait for us!

Chapter 4

Anita gave up and sat straight and started thinking if i chose truth they might ask to answer what i do not want to answer, but if i choose dare they might ask me to do what i do not like so she choose truth. James and rose discussed for a while what they would ask her before they came to a conclusion.

But before they were about to say anything Anita spoke before you guys ask me this question there is something i would like to say. Rose said sure go ahead and say it. I know why you guess choose this game. They both looked at each other in confusion. Yes it is because you want to use the opputunity to ask me questions.

And i you know i am not a social person. They paused for a minute how did you know james asked. I knew because i was sitting between you guys and my grandma and i hear you wispering into your ears. It was quite loud and you were giggling and all.

yes that is true said Rose. We just want to know a little more about you and maybe become friends. Anita thought for a while before she said why don't we ask each other questions instead?

Because i really do not like playing this game although i have not play this game before but i watch people play it in school at break time except for now which is making me a bit uncomfortable. Really? you haven't play this game before we play is a lot no wonder you were trying to run away we thought you were shy said James. Ok there is no problem in that at least you know now Anita answered.

Ok can we start asking questions now? before it is time for us to go home said Rose.

Just then they heard a knock on the door. Their head turn to the direction of the door Rose ran and about to open the door before Anita shouted Stop! Rose was confused and said why? Don't you know you have to check the hole or ask who it is before you open the door said Anita before she shouted yes who is it Anna replied it's me please open the door.

Anita opened the door and Anna spoke your mum is waiting for you two downstairs it is time to go home.

James and Rose put on a sad face Anita ask them do you guys have a phone maybe i can give you my number and we can send each other messages but not asking questions though until when next you come you can ask those questions you want to ask me.

Their face lit up a bit and rose said yes we have a phone rose said and gave her their their number before leaving. Anita sat on her bed and continued with her game on her new phone.

She heard another knock on the door. She said to her self today nobody wants to leave me alone to my peace which is very annoyng. She went to the door with a frowned face and she looked at the hole and saw her grandma her face lit up a bit.

Then she opened the door for her to enter. Her grandma sat on the bed Anita sat beside her so how was Rose and James. Anita said they were nice we played truth or dare a bit and they wanted to ask me questions before Anna came to call them and let them know it's time to go home and we exchanged our numbers. They gave me theirs and i gave them mine.

Her grandma smiled at her at least now you have friends i am happy for you said grandma well i better go now and you better read you book and leave that phone for now. ok said Anita. On monday morning Anita was running to the school bus when she heard voices wait for us but her mind was not there the shout got louder and nearer she turned her head to see who was calling her.

To be continued!

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I like the story very much, pls keep writing

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