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Alone - 9 - Asking questions

Chapter 6

James and Rose came over to Anita’s house. Anita welcomes them Rose started the conversation we are very sad you have to travel so soon especially now that we are now friends. Its ok I will come to visit my grandma once a year so I can also visit you too.

And we can talk on the phone if you want. You are right but can we ask you the questions we are supposed to ask you the last time we visited? How many questions are there to answer? A lot of questions. Ok but I will state the rules we have. Ok you can state the rules but I am not sure why we need rules to ask each other questions. But you can go ahead if that is wat you want.

Firstly, Ask reasonable questions, Secondly If I answer your questions you answer me my questions, Thirdly, If the person do not want to answer do not force them, and the final do not tell anyone else about all we have discussed.

Ok we have heard you madam so can we finally start now James said Anita frowned a little and sat down while Rose was laughing. Fine we can start but I still want you to follow the rules. They sat in a circle. Rose first, Why were you acting strange in school yesterday were you angry? Did someone bully you?

Because they I have notice a lot of bullies in that school. Anita started laughing and both James and Rose looked at each other before asking why are you laughing. Anita stopped laughing a bit how can you ask that question don’t you know I bully the bully. Don’t you know that makes you a bully too? And how can you do that to someone that is older than you? Well one thing you should know in about me is that in school I like being on my own. I don’t like someone from nowhere come and disturb my peace. But, if you disturb me or want to bully me you won’t take it.

And I also started learning martial art when I was six years old till now. Three times a week I go for classes. Ok can you now answer my question?

Fine it is because I thought you guys will forget me once you made new friends. Oh no you should not think that I know we were a bit carried away in our first day at school but we won’t forget you said Rose. Anita smiled a little.

Before Rose asked is there any question you want to ask us? What is your favourite colour? Rose said mine is Pink mine is Green said James.

Mine is blue and I thought roses are supposed to be Red. They all laughed and continued so where are your parents. They are in Ethiopia why are you not with them? Well they wanted me to stay here because of the type of job they are doing they won’t have much time for me.

Ok what type of game before could finish that sentence they heard a squeaky noise and Rose shouted James farted come Anita let’s get out of here before it smells she dragged her to the bathroom. James shouted rom outside you can come out now it’s all clear. no you big liar. Anita said we have a toilet why don’t you use it and later spray.

Sorry I ate a lot of beans last night before sleeping James shouted from outside the toilet. Rose ask Anita where is Spray Anita got it for her. She ran out spraying everywhere immediately. Why did you do that Rose ask sorry I told you I ate beans last night before I slept . Ok can we start now?

They heard someone knocking Anita ask who is that it’s Anna your mum is here to pick you two. Ok we are coming they shouted well so much for our game Anita said. Well I think we have already asked you what we need to know. Anita smiled and I don’t even have much to ask anyway. They gave each other a hug and James and Rose went home.

To be continued!

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