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Alone - 7 - Why you sad?

Chapter 5

Anita turn her head and saw Rose and James running towards her. She was a bit surprise. James and Rose ran to her and said we would explain in the bus lets go they said and they all ran to the bus before the driver get unpatient and leave them.

Well i know you might be surprise but my mum said we are going to the same school with you is that not great said Rose. It is said Anita but i am not that suprise.

Rose and James said to each other this is our first day at school i cannot wait to make a new friends. Anita did not really like what they said because she thinks they would all forget her and she would be alone again If they made new friends but there was nothing she could do she just kept quiet and listened to all they said and she observed how excited they are.

When they arrived at school Rose and James ran pass her and entered the school premisses. It was time for Anita class she was in grade 3 because she started school very early. Then it was time for break but she did not go for her break early she was busy copying some note and when she was done she went for her break she wanted to sit on the table Rose and James was sitting.

But when she got there they were sitting in different tables Rose was talking with a group of girls while James was talking to a group of boys. Now Anita was very surprise that they made friends very fast well she was not sad she was used to staying on her own.

So she sat by the corner on the sit alone where she is not easily seen. When break time was over she went back to class.

Now closing time she rushed and took her bag te car when she heard someone shouting her name but this time she decided not to answer her instead she walked fast and entered the car then someone touch her by the shoulder it was Rose. What! she said in annoyance. Sorry Anita but i did not see you on break time what happened. you didn't see me when you where busy with your new friends did not even check where i was she said in her mind.

I was busy copying note from the board so where is James? he has gone to play with is friends.

Ok said Anita see you tomorrow. She entered the car and went to the house. Then she arrived at her house she droped her bag in her room and took her bag took her bath, read her book, did her home work, play a game on her phone a little and lay down oh her bed looking at the ceiling and thinking some things and she said to herself i wonder what will happen next.

So she decided to see grandma and talk to her maybe it would make me to feel less bored. So she went to see her grandma. When she entered she saw her grandma with a sad face she said what is wrong? why are you sad? Anita i am realy going to miss you. Anita laughed a little grandma are you l am here grandma in front of you how are you going to miss me. Her grandma still had a sad impression on her face she did not smile a bit. I am serious please said her grandma. Anita now know this is serious what happened? why did you say that?

To be continued!