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Alone - 8 - Travelling very soon

Chapter 5

Grandma, please tell me what happened. Your mother called said her grandma. Ok what then what happened. Anita do you know the reason you are staying with me in the first place and not with your mum and dad.

Yes you already told me it is because of the type of job that they are doing. Yes that is right but she said she would come and pick you in a week time you are going back to Ethiopia.

No grandma, I am not going anywhere. I am staying here with you. But you have to go and live with your mum and dad. No I am still not going anywhere, why don’t you call her and say I do not want to come, said Anita.

Anita you really must go, you just have a week to stay here. So I would tell your teacher to give you your books (both text books and notebooks) you left in school. And you need to pack and tell your friends that you would be traveling. But grandma I do not have any friends.

What about Rose and James? They have new friends now. Grandma smiled at her and said just because they have new friends doesn’t mean they would forget you.

They are just excited to be in their new school so do not think they would forget you. Ok grandma said Anita.

You have only 3 days remaining to be going to school so use it well. And you can invite them when you are ready.

Ok Anita said in a sad way. Do not worry, you can still see them and talk to them using your new phone. And your mum is coming on Friday and you would be leaving on Saturday.

Ok I have heard she said and went to her room. She jumped on her bed, pressed her face to the pillow and screamed in it because she did not want anyone to hear her. And she fell asleep in it.

She was woken up by the sound of someone knocking on her door. She shouted as always yes who is it? It’s me Anna. Anita opened the door. May I come I said Anna ok sure. Anna stood and waited for her to close the door. Anita came near Anna and said sit down.

Anna was surprised Anita has never gestured her to sit anytime she came to tell her something. Anna sat and said I know you would be traveling on Saturday your grandma told me so.

Anita put on a sad face so it is true she thought to herself I thought it was just a nightmare I had when I fell asleep. She now remembered how she fell asleep in the first place.

I know you might feel sad because you would miss grandma but you will always here from her call her anytime you want. And I also know you and I do not get along very well but you can also call me if you want.

Yes Anna I will always call you too. Anna did not expect that response from her. Well I must be going now I just came to comfort you. Ok Anita said when you have finished your work we can talk a little more you can go she said trying to be nice.

Anna was happy with the nice Anita and wondered why she has not been behaving nice all this while. Maybe she it was that her mum and dad only visit her at Christmas and leave her again when she was small till now.

Well she did not know exactly why she was behaving mean before and decided to keep that question to herself. And walk to the door. And she went back to her work. Anita locked her door and did her homework, and after that she decided to call James and Rose.

To be continued!

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