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Alone - 5 - Truth or Dare

Chapter 3

Anita was climbing the stairs to her room while the twins follow her swinging their arms smiling excitingly. Anita asked the why are you so excited just to see my room it is just a room.

James said we are not excited to see your room sily, we are excited to make new friends. We just came here today and we already have a friend. Who knew making friends would be that easy.

Anita faced them with a confused expression on her face are you talking about me? Rose said yes of cause we are talking about you who else. So you don't have any friends right? asked rose.

Yes i don't have and i don't need one replied Anita. Well that's too bad i though we were getting along just fine. Anita did not reply when they finally arrived at her room the twins said wow! your room is so big and fancy is this for only you.

No its for my mum and dad too when they come to spend the chistmas holiday with us. Why didn't your parent stay with you? asked rose.

Anita tryed to change the topic so this is the bathroom she said pointing at the door for the bathroom so after using it do not mess it up. This is the bed side if you want to lie down, and this is the floor we walk on. Now done do not ask me any more questions. I would be right here by the bed side if you need me now go and play trying to dismiss them.

James said why are you mean i only asked a question. Rose also said i think that is why she has no friends. I think i would just go and tell my mum and your grandma that you are being mean to us and you don't want us around Rose said walking to the door when Anita thought of the trouble she would get if she tell and said fine i am sorry i was mean i am not use to having people around. I would do what you want me to do just don't tell.

The twins smiled to themselves and said apology accepted now lets play a game called truth or dare Anita do you have a bottle we can spine around asked James. Anita do not like this game. But she replied yes i have a bottle is under my bed she brought out a bottle and gave to them and said i think would not be able to join your game because i am busy.

Rose asked busy doing what. Anita thought of what to say before she said busy helping Anna in the kitching she said. Jame said to Rose i think she is shy. Anita put on a confused expression on her face. Me shy no i do not get shy Jame and Rose pull her on each hand for her to sit on the floor with them saying come on don't be shy there is no need to be shy Anita thought about protesting but decided to let it slide.

She gave up and sat next to them they spin the bottle and i landed on James. Anita was relived and asked truth or dare? he said truth. Anita asked can you stay without your twin for a whole week. James said no not that long i can stay a day or two but not a week he said. Anita said ok they spin the bottle again this tine it landed in Anita's direction.

Anita was now confused tring to look for any possible way to get out of this but she just said i think Anna need me in the kitching now. They both held her hand to tell her she is not going anywhere and they both said at the same time. Truth or Dare?

To be continued!

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very well written. This looks like her maiden novel.Hope you continue to write & enrich the people lives.