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Revenge of the Ghost - 23

Baba said, ‘Shyam gathered all the courage he had and went to the well to fetch water. He fetched enough water for the plants, and nothing happened. He felt happy and went home. Nothing much happened for a week. Shyam forgot that incident and started to work regularly without any fear. One such day, he was working in his little farm, and he heard a faint cry nearby. He immediately looked around but found no one. Still the sound was there. Someone was crying her soul out. Shyam walked towards the well to check the origin of the sound. The well was nearly empty as there was no rain since last few weeks. Shyam tried to look deep, but it was pitch dark.’

‘He could not make up his mind and turned back. Again, he heard the sobbing. A girl was moaning but without any strength as the sound was very low. A streak of courage kicked in and, Shyam decided to investigate further. He climbed down the well using the footrests across the wall of the well and tried to figure out the source of the moaning. He found something unusual. He found an opening just under the water level. It seemed like a water drainage pipe as the water was not being used for drinking purposes, someone must have connected a gutter line to this well. The question is, there was no building or construction around this entire area then where is the other end of this pipe.’

‘The round opening was big enough to crawl. But was it worth enough to crawl to an unknown space? Shyam was in a dilemma. Suddenly, a feeble cry for help crashed to his eardrums. Somebody was beating a girl and that girl was whimpering and making feeble sounds as if there were no energy left to fight. Shyam started to crawl slowly through the mud and dirt. He vomited because of the smell but, his conscious was telling him or rather guiding him to go and help that poor girl. He was near the end, but he could not find an opening or a hatch or anything thorough which either he can pass, or he can see through. After a while he managed to find a connected opening to the pipe, he crawled in. Unfortunately, the opening was small and going up so not possible for him to go up that way.’

‘On the other side of that wall, a girl was being beaten by a goon of Manusinh. She was not ready to sell her body for someone’s pleasure and she was paying the price for the same. She was screaming like hell and Shyam was feeling helpless as he could not find a way out of that pipe to enter that hall. He was clearly able to hear those screams and moaning, the blood in his veins was rushing very quickly and he was feeling that adrenaline push to do something unimaginable. Shyam tried to find a soft spot to create a whole in it so that, he can see through. He found one such spot and hammered that spot with all the strength he had in his body using his elbow. After a couple of blows, a small opening is created, and he was able to see through. The whole was at the bottom of the room, and he was able to see that girl who was being beaten savagely. The girl was completely naked, and that goon was beating her senselessly. Her entire body was covered with cuts and bruises. She was about to faint.’

‘Shyam could not believe his eyes. That goon was now getting ready to rape her. At that time, someone else entered the room, it was Manusinh and he asked the goon to do some work and both left together. The God must have heard the prayer of that poor girl that she was saved for a while. Shyam tried to look around. There were 11 girls tied in chains like animals and they all were completely naked. There was no bathroom or any other separate construction he could find at the first glance and only a single door through which Manusinh and his goon left the hall. There were taps alongside the chains so that, girls can drink water. One of the girls stood up and walked towards the far end of the hall to a very small room. Shyam realised that might be the washroom for these girls. And he was right. There was pain and suffering in the air of that hall. Every shackle was coloured red with the blood of these innocent girls. Most of the girls accepted their fate and stopped fighting. They were just dead bodies with human souls. There was not an ounce of courage left within those feeble bodies to fight this terror.’

‘Shyam’s heart cried tears of blood. His upbringing was shouting at him to save these girls from the claws of these devils.’

Suddenly, there was a loud bang outside and a person rushed in to inform Shankarbaba about something. Ravindra could not make the transition from that story to the real world and could not understand for a second or two. He just got bamboozled and kept on staring Shankarbaba. After a while he came to his senses and realised that there was no one there apart from three of them. Then who is this fourth guy?

What will be Shyam’s next step? What was the message from that stranger to Shankarbaba. To find all the answers please read the next parts of the series. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.

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