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Revenge of the Ghost - 22

Baba continued, ‘Surajsinh became the unquestioned, uncontrollable, ruthless leader of the village. His goons kept eyes and ears everywhere and any sign of trouble was dealt with utmost force and cruelty. He had decapitated many who opposed him or sometimes even worse, he had his right-hand Manusinh let torture the people anyway he wanted. Manusinh was a soulless criminal. He used to inflict immense amount of pain to anyone who crosses path with him or upon orders from his master Surajsinh. The business of supplying girls was booming and Surajsinh was minting more money then, he could count. There was a special underground hall to keep all these girls before they could be supplied.’

‘Anyone who disobeyed got beaten and raped mercilessly till the time either the girl agrees to be sold or the girl dies. Every inch of that hall was covered with innocent girls’ blood. Every brick of that hall was the deaf witness of long painful screams. Screams while the girls were beaten with leather belts on the soles of their feel so there were no marks left before selling them. But because of those girls could not walk for days and they had to in that dirty environment filled with human urine and faeces for days.’ Ravindra could not hear that and had a vomiting sensation just hearing that. His eyes were filled with tears though it happened many years ago and he knew none of those girls.’ Baba gave him a moment to relax and continued.

‘Despite of these horrific and inhuman torturous methods, there were always some girls who were not ready to sell their bodies as if it were a tool to please someone. Manusinh liked to use this opportunity to make an example for the other girls. He used to keep such girls naked for days and they were mercilessly physically abused by Manusinh and his goons. He used to gang rape them in front of the remaining girls. Then there was a special tub over there. A tub filled with acid, a slow burning, flesh melting acid. After 10 days of such torture, he used to drown those girls in the tub where the acid slowly melts the skin of the girl, and that girl after 7 to 8 hours dies a gruesome death. A death which can give you chills in the hottest night of summer. A death which can make you scream in your dreams. A death which will shake you to your core and will leave an unforgettable scar on your soul. A wound which would never heal.’

‘The wheel of pain was turning very hard for all the villagers and was crushing all the hope underneath. It is said that no prayer goes unheard. But the prayers of villagers were unheard for many years. Then one day something unusual happened. A teacher got transferred in this village with his wife and 9 years old daughter. His name was Shyam and his wife’s name was Sonal. Sonal was very beautiful and Shyam was already aware of that, so he never let Sonal and his daughter out of his home. He was very protective of those two. Though Shyam was a teacher, but he was very masculine and strong. He was a wrestler of his time and a very honest man. He knew about the malicious activities of Surajsinh and that is the reason that his wife and daughter were not allowed to move out of the house.’

Baba was constantly speaking from last hour or so. He waited for a while and gulped some water from the nearest earthen pot. He then continued again, ‘Shyam was a punctual teacher, and his routine was almost mechanical. He used to go to school at 7 am in the morning and used to return at 1pm after finishing the school hours. There weren’t many kids in the school so, most of the time Shyam was free in the school and he utilized that time to grow vegetables in the open space behind the school. But he was not aware of a very scary truth. The school was very near to the border. And the underground hall was very near to the open space. There was a small well nearby the backyard and he used to water the plants using that well’s water as that well’s water was not being used for drinking purposes. He was fetching water and there was a wrist with shackles in the water bucket. Shyam was scared to death seeing that bizarre scene and tumbled down. The bucket rolled over the side, but the wrist fell upon his chest, and he screamed like hell. He threw the wrist in a split second and ran like hell towards his home. He was a brave man, but he was shaken by that scene as the wrist was covered with worms which were eating through the flash. Shyam reached home and told this to his wife.’ Sonal said, ‘Don’t think about that too much. And don’t water the plants for a couple of days. Everything will be alright soon.’

Baba continued, ‘Shyam did not go to school for a couple of days. Shyam was alright and was ready to go to school. He went there and after the school went to the backyard. Plants needed water and he had to fetch water from the well. ‘

What will Shyam find this time? How Shyam’s story is linked with Satya’s disappearance? To find all the answers please read the next parts of the series.