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Revenge of the Ghost - 27

Shankarbaba stopped for a while to drink water. It was midnight and he needed rest. Baba could see the curiosity in its wildest form in Ravindra’s eyes, but he needed rest too. As everyone was in tremendous stress and Baba did not want to add any more stress in the form of extreme fatigue. He stepped up and asked them very mildly to sleep in the set beds for them. Ravindra and Shashtriji were amazed to see those ready to sleep beds as there was nothing there before a while. Nobody moved an inch but still there were beds. Ravindra thought it might be the handy work of that mysterious man.

Sleep from Ravindra’s eyes was vanished since last couple of days, as his heart was not with him. His beloved Satya was not there to love him, and this fact was eating Ravindra’s heart like a flash eating bug. His thoughts were so disturbed that he was just changing sides and could not sleep. Baba felt that too. He stepped up from his elevated sitting and put his hand on Ravindra’s forehead and chanted some mantras. Ravindra felt very calm and slept immediately like a baby. Baba smiled and went back to his place.

The night passed without any unfortunate event. The dark clouds of night were frightened away by the beautiful and bright rays of the morning. But then Satya was there on the horizon of the hut. She was hurt, her entire body was covered with cuts and bruises. She was calling Ravindra and Ravindra could not move his body as if his entire body was crushed by something or someone extremely heavy. Satya was sobbing and constantly screaming Ravindra’s name. There were many scary creatures circling Satya and hurting her, mauling her with their razor-sharp nails. Satya was trying to defend herself, but they were too many. Her eye was pierced, and eyeball was popped from the eye socket and hanging by a blood vein. Satya fell because of that. Satya’s right leg was being chewed by those scary looking, ugly creatures and they were trying to tear her apart bone by bone. Ravindra felt helpless, and he could see all of that but neither he could speak, nor he could move. He was just paralysed and was unable to breathe. Satya was in immense amount of pain. Satya screamed for one last time and told I love you Ravi and I am sorry that I am leaving you like this.

Ravindra could not bear that site and he piled up all the strength from each and every cell of his body and woke up. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw no one. He was sweating as if he ran a marathon. He was completely powerless and disoriented. Baba saw this and walked towards him. Shankarbaba calmed him down and said, ‘Ravindra, I won’t let anything happen to Satya. Please do not worry. Your Satya is safe though she is not with you, but she is safe.’ Ravindra could not say anything, but his eyes were begging to save her as soon as possible.

After a morning prayer and some breakfast Baba started again. He Said, ‘Shyam and Rupa were very happy as they were successfully able to save those girls from the evil clutches of Surajsinh. Shyam went home and Rupa too. Sonal was eagerly waiting for Shyam and her eyes were glued at the door. Shyam rang the doorbell and almost instantaneously Sonal opened the door and she just hugged him tightly and kept on saying thank God you are ok. Shyam hugged her with the same passion and love, and they were like that for quite some time. Then slowly Shyam pushed Sonal a bit away from him so that he could see her face and tell her that he is ok, and all the girls are ok too. Shyam kissed her forehead and described the entire incident as it is to her. She was very happy, and they both prayed the God together.

But Shyam and Sonal were unaware of a very imminent danger lurking around the corner. They were under the impression that nobody saw them, but there was that constable who saw everything. That constable was Manoharsinh. Manoharsinh was very excited to share this news with Surajsinh as he knew what that would mean for him. He was anticipating a promotion, but not getting it and this news could do that for him. He was not worried about Shyam or those girls. He was just worried about his promotion as he was the greediest man alive. He reached at Surajsinh’s home and waited for him to come out as he was too afraid to go inside. Surajsinh came out after a while and Manoharsinh stopped him and told that he had an important information to share.

Surajsinh asked him to sit in the car and they both went to that place near Shyam’s school were all the girls were kept.

What will happen next? What will Surajsinh do? Will he just kill Shyam and Rupa or something worst? To find all the answers please read the next parts of the series. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.

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