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Revenge of the Ghost - 40

‘Sonal was not aware of the dangerous web being woven around her. She was a very innocent lady, and her entire world was her family. Her husband and her daughter. She slowly started to fell for the trap laid by Gayatri. Gayatri met her the very next day and this time she was waiting for her arrival at the temple. Sonal reached there and she too was slightly eager to meet her. Both saw each other and waved. Gayatri was looking very beautiful, and she wore a gorgeous saree. Being a woman, Sonal was impressed by her dressing and ornaments. Gayatri was not married. Sonal thought because she was very beautiful, it must be hard to find a right person for her.

Gayatri passionately hugged Sonal and said, ‘Didi I am very happy today’. Sonal was a bit in shock because of a sudden outburst of emotions expressed by Gayatri. Sonal asked what happened. She told her that She finally got her wish fulfilled. Sonal was still waiting for an actual piece of information and looked inquisitively. Gayatri hid her face behind her hands and told her she was feeling very shy. Now Sonal was excited too that why Gayatri was behaving like this. Sonal kept on asking. Finally, Gayatri told her that she was in love. Sonal’s heart danced for a while as she felt the same jolt of happiness for her friend. Now the most important question was who the lucky person was. Sonal hold Gayatri’s hand in her hand and pressed softly and caressed too.’

‘Gayatri’s face turned red, and she was unable to speak because of the emotions. Sonal was not aware that all this was fake and what a marvellous piece of acting by Gayatri. Sonal pushed her away and told if you would not tell me in the next 2 mins, I will leave from here and she waited. Gayatri kept on looking at her but did not utter a word. Finally, Sonal started to walk and Gayatri hold her back by pulling her from her hand. They both lost their balance and tumbled down. Both started laughing rigorously as tears rushed in their eyes. Finally, Gayatri told her that she did not know his name. She just saw him yesterday. Sonal was surprised to know that Gayatri was not even aware of his name. Sonal was now very curious and Gayatri knew that too. So, she was trying to hide her true face and started to leverage this situation.

Gayatri told her that Didi please help me. I could not share this with anyone else as I did not have anyone else in my life to guide me. You were the only person I could tell as you were very honest, nice, and kind. And the main point was your eyes, they were very beautiful, and I could your pure soul through your eyes. Who doesn’t like being praised? Sonal liked it too and for the first time in her life somebody other than Shyam asked for some support and trusted her with the most important secret of her life. Sonal was getting late, and she could not wait anymore. Sonal told her that she had to leave but she would like to come early the next day to help her to find out who that person was. Gayatri tried to stop her with all the possible tantrums, but Sonal loved Shyam too much not to make him worried. So, she left in a hurry but promised to meet Gayatri in the temple earlier than the regular time.

Gayatri’s actions hit the jackpot. She knew that it was easier to make someone trust them if you share your secret first. They will start to trust you as the other person will start to feel responsible. Gayatri felt happy to reveal the secret to Sonal and her second stage of her plan was also successful. On the other side, while going home Sonal’s brain was hammered with a single question. Who was that guy who stole her friend’s heart? How she could help her win her love. She was trying to become the friend Gayatri needed irrespective of the deception created by Gayatri. ‘

The story was interrupted by Ravindra’s phone call. Ravindra tried to dodge that, but it kept on ringing and finally he had to take the call. He looked at baba and requesting silently to allow him to pick the call. Baba nodded and Ravindra picked up the call. The call was from his Police Station. Because he was deep in the cave, he was unable to listen properly and just to get a better reception he went outside of the cave. He was outside the hidden door now from where he entered the secret room. The constable said that Police Commissioner was about to come to their station within half an hour and he had to be there in the station to welcome him and talk to him. Ravindra was in a deep confused state of mind as he had to find his beloved Satya, but it was his duty too to attend the meeting with Commissioner. He said that constable that he was coming to office in next half an hour.

He went back in and seek permission from Baba to visit the Police station but promised that he would come back as soon as possible. Baba agreed as he too needed some rest.

How will the story between Sonal and Gayatri unfold? Why the commissioner is in town? To find all the answers please read the next parts of the series. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.

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