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Revenge of the Ghost - 39

Sonal went quickly like a bullet as she knew she was late and Shyam would not like it. Shyam loved her very madly and that made him a bit possessive about her. Shyam never liked when he was at home and Sonal was not. Sonal knew that this was pure love and nothing else as Shyam loved her with all his heart and their daughter was the apple of their eyes. Without her their entire world was nothing. As soon as Sonal left the corner of the temple, Gayatri’s lips were covered with a crooked smile. The plan was set in motion and now nobody could save Sonal from the wicked clutches of Gayatri and Surajsinh. Sonal walked very fast and reached home, but before that Shyam reached home and Sonal’s heart sank.

She knocked on the door and Shyam opened the door. Shyam’s face was tensed, and he quickly pulled Sonal inside and checked her for any sort of injuries. He pushed her into a corner and opened the door again to check. There was no one outside, as the entire street was blanketed in darkness. Shyam stressed his eyes as hard as possible, but he could not find anything suspicious at all. After checking every possible angle, Shyam closed the door with utmost care and looked at Sonal with all the possible emotions. He hugged her very tight and told her never to come late.

Shyam explained everything to her in detail and told her to be extremely careful of the situation especially when she was alone.

Baba started again, ‘Gayatri was very conniving. She was not in a hurry and for the next few days she did not meet Sonal but kept observing her from a distance. She could see that after that incident Sonal was more careful. Gayatri had only a single chance to be close to Sonal as she was not going to trust her again. Exactly after 4 days, Gayatri decided to meet Sonal again. She put on a bandage on her leg and reached the temple exactly at the same time when Sonal used to come to temple. Gayatri made sure that she limped a bit while walking to gain sympathy from Sonal. Sonal saw her and tried to wave. Gayatri ignored her and kept on walking. Sonal came to her quickly and tapped on her back.

Gayatri looked back puzzled and suddenly hugged Sonal tightly and greeted her. Sonal asked her about her health and helped her taking the stairs. Gayatri took the help of Sonal’s shoulder and kept climbing the stairs. Sonal asked her nothing and just kept on smiling at her. Gayatri for a second thought why in the world she wanted to ruin this innocent girl’s life. But then the bitter memory of Surajsinh made her change her mind. Gayatri asked Sonal about her husband but nothing in detail because she did not want to raise any alarms. Though Sonal gave detailed information about Shyam and where he worked as while talking about Shyam Sonal used to forget everything at all in the world. The bond between them was the strongest and purest form of love.

Both reached at the top and started to pray the God. Gayatri chanted gayatri mantra and some other mantras to impress Sonal. Sonal was literally perplexed as she did not expect that such a beautiful girl would have such deep knowledge of our culture. And that was the first ripple in Shyam and Sonal’s calm lives. After a while Gayatri wanted to sit at the bench in the corner of the temple to let her leg rest for a while. She looked at Sonal and with a very painful face asked her to help her sit on that bench and for a while accompany her. Sonal was in jeopardy whether to help her and sit with her or straight away go home. She knew Shyam would not like it, but Gayatri was such a wonderful girl, and she was in trouble. Finally, the goodness of heart won the battle and she decided to sit with Gayatri for a while and helped her towards the bench.

Gayatri was slowly weaving the darkest web around Sonal and Sonal was completely unaware of the danger lurking at the corner of her quiet and simple life. They talked about the village for a while and then Sonal asked her to leave with her so that she could reach home in time, and she could help Gayatri too to climb down the steep stairs of the temple. Gayatri took her shoulder’s help and stood up and slowly started to walk down. Both said nothing for a while as Gayatri did not want to hurry. Sonal finally at the last step said bye and left for her home without worrying about anything else apart from Shyam and her daughter.’

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