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Arise your subconscious

Every act in this world is crystal clear reflection of your subconscious. It is a hidden truth of creator. Yes, you have a right to place a diamond as precious as you want. And that will create your value in the world.

 In Indian ancient literature, your subconscious affected through several reason. These are…

1. Sanskar :- As your karma in previous birth, you will be affected in present birth. That make to prepare your subconscious. so, it play a important role in future consequence.

2. Emotional index:- How you feel the world in different circumstances are base to create a bad or good platform for your subconscious mind. So, friends your emotional index is quiet important to make a strong base. In other way emotionally liable person never get rid of these and they trap like a cyclone of thoughts. So, they never reach to their destination due to disrupted thinking and reacting process of subconscious mind.

3. Energy:- Negative energy succumb your positive one. Means it penetrates your aura and chakras and directly affect your act that may alter your future planner means your subconscious mind.

4. Acquired: - After birth, during childhood, teenage and youth period at every step you acquired information and get knowledge according to that your behavior, communication, attitude and acceptance will develop. So, in this way your subconscious improve how to live, survive and struggle for self. And it creates a strong bond with conscious to make a plan further.

 These are the all ways from those your subconscious might affected. So, your thinking and reacting process changed and you deviate from your path to some endless destination.

Now, if you want to reconnect to your goal, you need to follow some marvelous rules. These are…

1. stabilize your emotional index. :- it is not so simple. Years of practice needed for emotionally weak person. It is a matter of regular practice. Any event happen around your surrounding it must be perfectly feel by a person. Analyze, react and interpretate well to know his place in that particular event. Just one positive view of event needed to accelerate the circle of positive part of enchantment to fulfill and stabilize your emotional part of journey. That  make a base for accurate vision of your path.

2. blank journey. :- if you surrounded by unnecessary things but obiviously you don’t pick the right work to do at particular time. That lag behind you in your goal. so, prepare a blank journey. And for that you create a vision to see problems and other  avoidable things that result in you  concentrate less. So pick a soft blank paper to erase. Somehow you make a small dot as possible as you can of hurdles, gently erase it visually.  So , it don’t affect your subconscious , clear it well , and get a perfect vision by your planner.

How to trip blank journey  lets see that…

With your peaceful mind visualize your unconscious; it may fill with unnecessary information and lots of avoidable dump. Slowly and gently with blank paper you try to clear it visually . you see as more and more dump cleared , it remains small black dots and then you again clear it to convert your unconscious like white clear soft stretchable sponge like thing. Now second step clear same way your subconscious. do repeatedly this procedure  for 2 minutes daily at least 3 months. So you see a lots of change around you and surprisingly within you a new converted person that you want to be.


3. Clear your multilevel consciousness :- If you clear it through positive thoughts and vision it create a space for better replanning for your future gain. It is only possible through blank journey of your multilevel consciousness.

4.Again feel it well :-Now again it is right time to stabilize yourself through emotional fulfillments. So, you enrich with it and enhance your path through healthy emotional index to make a vision further how to think react and communicate. And create a best final replan to gain yourself towards your destination.  

After revert back blank journey is the second step to create a new vision for your next beginning. Now you are on path that you want towards your goal….