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Revert back theory

                         Everything happen in present is your reflection of past consequence. As the time goes, it imprints shadow in your present. No one escape from this. Time is really really  a matter of concern. In human’s life. We never go through it as we think. And what we do today decide our future. Time represent flowless journey in our life. It is like a hollow pyramid. totally blank. No gravity, no force, no sudden movement like a total black out. Even we do not feel it perfectly. In universe it is the only truth that mankind concern.

                    Suddenly it knocks and you wake up like a kid. It vigorously strike at your head… knock…knock . and suddenly you realize much gone through your life. Like a stormy river. Then you set a theory to revert all your lost and that is revert back theory. lets we understand via a example how it works.

                          Mr.Charlie was a famous man of new york and very great businessman.he lived happily with his family. he earned much wealth in his life. one day due to big crash in market he lost his whole  empire and all wealth. He felt very sad and rejected. he tried a lot to convience his self but not possible . Then one of his close friend  felt his pain aND explain about revert back theory, he understand it well and then he live like as he did. Even he didn’t feel that he was not as rich as he before. He stabilize his behavoiur, attitude and vision . all are like before, after a few month , luck knocks its door and he got big deal and then after within 2 years he aciqured all his lost and establish its new empire like before.now he live happily with his family and friends .

          He even after felt that he was full of energy and enthsiasm in his life like in youth days. he feel  No change in vision and lots of gain in life. Now he knows the secret of  success after fall by revert  back  theory.

So, we summarize the key points.

1. feel yourself full as you before in good days.

2. stabilize your attitude, behavior and communication.

3.never remember your loss but just feel your gaining days. And make your path continue from that point.

                 this is the key to live like a champ. All these make glorious door of yours where luck must knock . because you modify and justify your surroundings and by this you achieve more than you  ever think.

                        As we unwrap the layers we see how it is easy to operate a dissent life. The fifth layer is revert back theory that is for those who lost his path in worse situation and after understanding this formula you deffinetly modify it and gain your path and life. so beyond the time boundry you stabilize and achieve like a real champ in your prestigious life. Best of luck……

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