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Final destination – the way you want

As per one ancient philosophy you are never late to start your beginning at any point in life if you want to fulfill it desirably.

A dream never gone away until it is in your mind. So, friends keep it up with this magical formula to accelerate your growth in your path.

We see revert back theory and blank journey as a accelerator , it need practice in day to day life. So we see it again our basic formula.

1. Enough self confidence

2. Throw unnecessary attchment

3. Right thinking process 

4. Perfect behavior, attitude and acceptance

5. Revert back theory

6. Arise your subconscious by doing some modification

7. Final destination – the way you want

Let’s see one example

           Dinesh 34 year male live happily in Mumbai with his family. He lost his job due to a particular reason. now his wife want to give him divorce due to his chronic illness which arise from smoking. He feel sad and lonely. He get disturbed and his behavior also altered. he loses his self confidence , his thinking and behavior also ge affected. So, overall he is in the state of altered attitude due to this suffering from minor depression . what we do if he want help from us?

Yes, counseling is the key fundamental in this case study. Lets see some important steps in counseling .

1. First ensure the real situation he faced. Mostly we don’t explain       real picture of he or she faced, so person doesn’t come out of cave of grief. Truly, he is in some common situation we named it  A. if he accept the situation smoothly so, we build up good base according to it.

2. Now ensure him the problem is so small but he make him big in his mind. It is happened in everyone’s day to day life.

3. First modify his attitude by positive boost by changing his behavior and negative thinking process. so, he throw out the unnecessary attachment and gaining confidence, we create a path for him  that is revised we see in steps. Now we modify his communication skills.  we track him on right path as he before .

4.  Modify surrounding :- by  healthy counseling we are able to give him right track now he search for new job and he will definitely get it and he give away his addiction and try another way to improvise himself. He save his married life and once again he supposed to save himself from cave of depression and live happily once again with his family.

Changing  behavior, attitude and acceptance


Modify thinking process by counseling


throwing unnecessary attchment




            Enough self confidence

                     It  is a god’ grace to give you a beautiful path in life. So never settle down with little. If you faced any problem then track this steps to come out smoothly once again and reconnect with this gorgeous world. You ensure that you have enough power to make you most knowledgeable in this world by improving yourself by sharpening attitude, behavior and communication. Go through when any problem arise, fix it with  these following steps and revert it when necessary.

           When you at the last edge of your life and you feel unsatisfied it is a waste of your total time you spent in whole life. So, awake today to make your goal as precious as you want, and never pour a grief in your prestigious life.

           Never forget that this world never remember your loss by making any mistake , it only and only remember your success. That you get through this magical awesome formula, so start it today and give your dream big boost of positive vibes of layers of freedom, free through negative  attachment, sorrow ,grief and make once again peaceful journey as you dreamed. Best of luck….

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