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Revenge of the Ghost - 41

Ravindra stormed out of that little opening and rushed towards his jeep very quickly. He started the jeep. It was almost morning. The sun was about to be seen at the horizon. There was a picturesque beauty all around Ravindra, but his mind was somewhere even to notice something other than his beloved Satya. It was two weeks since he last saw her. Ravindra’s mind was flooded with her sweet memories. Her beautiful round innocent energetic face. Her smile was the purest form of happiness. Her feather soft touch could heal any pain or agony. Ravindra was missing her badly and his heart was yelling out her name loudly, but unfortunately no one was there to hear those agonising screams as there was not a single machine which could measure the amount of pain Ravindra was going through.

Ravindra was driving his jeep almost mechanically and without paying much attention anywhere else. Because of this he missed an important detail. Someone or something was there with him in the jeep, but the painful distraction blanketed the usual sixth sense of Ravindra. Despite of the fact that Ravindra was not focused, he was still a very good policeman. And his sixth sense was telling him something or rather giving him warning. Ravindra realised but it was too late. Something attacked from behind and Ravindra’s head started spinning. Ravindra fainted and lost the control of the jeep for a while. The jeep was not in a high speed, so it struck a roadside tree and stopped.

Ravindra woke up after a while and he could not understand for a while. After a few moments he came back to his senses and he immediately looked back, but there was no one there. Ravindra’s head was pounding, and he was still feeling dizzy. He stepped out of the jeep and checked everything around. There was absolutely no one apart from all the birds chirping and transforming a normal morning into a magical one. Ravindra found no traces of anything went wrong. He started his jeep again and reached his police station in no time. He wanted to finish the meeting with the commissioner as early as possible so that he could go back to Baba and finish the story which would eventually help him to find his Satya.

Ravindra reached the station. The constable stood up from his chair and saluted him and told him that commissioner sir was waiting in his cabin. Ravindra hurried towards his cabin as his crime solving board was there will all the gory and minute details of all the heinous crimes occurred during last couple of months. He entered his office and saw that commissioner was looking very cautiously at the board and was trying to get a grasp over the situation which was moving out of hands. Ravindra saluted and greeted the commissioner.

Commissioner turned around. He was a strong man with 6 feet height and a stout body. But there was something wrong with his eyes. There was no humanity in those stone-cold eyes. A stare was enough to penetrate anybody’s heart and fill that heart with deep rooted fears. Commissioner looked at Ravindra and asked him to sit. Ravindra waited as he was standing. Then both almost sat together. Commissioner started, ‘Ravindra what is happening in your area. So many gruesome murders happened and still not a single accuse is behind the bars. The chief of forensics is still missing. There are no potential leads. Our people are getting attacked and still not a single arrest. You are missing from your own police station for days. What is your answer to this reckless behaviour?’

Ravindra was listening to the blast quite silently. Then he politely replied, ‘Sir I am working on it day and night. But the problem is we are dealing with something which is not natural. I won’t say the word ghost, but the unknown force is too powerful to be handled by us. So, I am trying everything I can by taking help of Shashtriji to fight this evil and believe me sir I am trying everything I can to solve these murders and to get back Satya. Then he corrected and told our chief forensics officer. The commissioner heard him and laughed hysterically and asked, ‘Do you really want me to believe about ghosts and the supernatural world? Ravindra you are out of your mind. Some very clever criminal is successfully misleading you towards this stupid ghost business and you are circling your tail. The things like ghosts don’t exist in this world and I don’t think so that I have to tell you this that if you don’t solve this case within the next week, you will be suspended pending an inquiry about your reckless actions.’

Ravindra could answer to all those allegations, but he was in hurry, so he just nodded and came out after saluting the commissioner. He turned around and his eyes turned red for a fraction of second and his face was plastered with a shrewd smile.

Why Ravindra’s eyes turned red? Will Baba be able to defend himself and Ravindra too from the wrath of the ghost? To find all the answers please read the next parts of the series. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.

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