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Revenge of the Ghost - 52

Baba’s eyes were filled with tears and a constant torrent of warm tears were continuously flowing down through the chicks and wetting the lap of Baba. Every single heart in that room cried but silently still the sound was so loud that everyone was able to hear the screams of that pain. Baba couldn’t speak for a while and Ravindra brought a glass of water for him. He was unable to speak as the eyes were exchanging the thoughts and there was no place of words in that dark moment.

Baba started again as this was the critical part of the story, and this was the hidden connection which Ravindra was trying to uncover plus to find his beloved Satya who was kidnapped by the ghost. Baba continued, ‘Sonal was trying to gather every bit of strength left in her body. She was a mother, and every mother becomes the goddess Durga or Kali when it comes to their children. Sonal was praying to the goddess to give her strength to fight for her little angel to save her from the evil clutches of Surajsinh. Sonal suddenly screamed so loud that every heart in that room shivered with raw fear. Surajsinh and his goons just got glued to the land and stood like lifeless stones. 

Sonal stood up, her eyes were fiery red. Her look was enough for a million sleepless nights and horrific nightmares. Nobody dared to stop her. She walked towards her daughter and took her in her injured arms which were bitten so brutally by the goons that at certain places the bone was visible and at certain places the marks of teeth were visible including some veins hanging with the support of muscles or bones. That scene was disgusting but too painful. A woman who is called Devi in this part of the world was being treated like a piece of meat which is useless like garbage. Sonal walked with very heavy steps but somehow no one present at that moment dared to stop her. 

She walked outside carrying her daughter into her feeble arms. Everyone was probably hypnotized and followed her. Sonal looked back one last time and that was a death stare. Her eyes were burning red with rage and naked anger. Her entire body was shivering with pain but still it was some cold strength which was driving that lifeless body of Sonal. Sonal was neither completely alive nor completely dead. Sonal cursed in a very different voice as she was a very pious lady with a pure heart which never thought evil about anyone not even in her wildest dreams, but today she was bitten, tortured, raped. She was not the sonal anymore which was known to the world, she became something else that day. She lost everything her husband, her soul and was about to lose her daughter too. 

Sonal said,’ Every one of you will die a death of a stray dog. The almighty God will punish all of you. This is a curse written with the blood of a mother which can’t be even stopped by power. ‘After saying those words Sonal just jumped into that well which was earlier found by Shyam. That well was not having enough water, so a sound of cracking skulls was heard, and both the bodies were pierced at places because of sharp and blunt stones at the bottom of the well. 

Surajsinh normally a very cruel and evil man but looking at that scene he also got scared a bit and he ordered his men to create a layer of concrete and fill the entire well so that the bodies can’t be found anytime soon. His men exactly did the same but while doing that the curse was being hammered in every brain including Surajsinh. ‘

Baba stopped speaking and looked at Ravindra as he was still confused that how that story is related to Satya and even bigger question is how Baba is aware of this entire story as no one is alive to describe this story in so detailed manner. Mahabali spoke Ravindra you might have got an idea that Sonal is the ghost which is trying to hurt you and Baba. But the question still puzzling your brain is how Satya is involved in all this. Baba interrupted Mahabali and said, ‘Ravindra there are two questions from you, I understand that. But I can answer only one and that question is how I know this story in so much detailed manner. And the reason for the same is.’ 

The entire atmosphere was filled with the police sirens and Baba could not finish the sentence as the police had arrived at the place. Ravindra and everyone else were utterly confused about the motive of that visit as it was still a day, and the ghost couldn’t have attacked anyone. Ravindra came out and he was greeted by a constable and with a piece of paper. It was the arrest warrant of Ravindra. Everyone was shocked and for a minute or two they could not even react to that shocking news. That constable said sorry and then handcuffed Ravindra to take him to the police station. Baba and rest followed them. 

What will happen next? What was the reason to arrest Ravindra? Is Baba somehow related to Sonal?  To find all the answers please read the next parts of the series. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks