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Revenge of the Ghost - 51

Baba felt his throat choked with emotions. A hot but sad torrent of tears kept on flowing for a while. Mahabali walked to Baba and put his hand on his head and tried to calm Baba down. Baba closed his eyes and tried deep breathing. Nagesh brought a glass of water for Baba. After a while Baba calmed down and start the story again. 

‘Surajsinh had some cruel plans in his dirty mind. He kept the daughter of Surajsinh chained on a chair in a very far corner of the hall thus she was unable to see anything, and she just kept on screaming for help. She was just calling her parents again and again but all in vain. Sonal was screaming extremely hard but without any sound as all the screaming was done by the heart and not audible to regular human ears. She was screaming for help and deep down her soft heart she knew that nobody is going to save them. She just wanted it to stop and at least her daughter could be safe. 

Shyam was almost converted to a stone as he was beaten by the goons of Surajsinh pretty badly. He did not even have an ounce of strength in his body after brutal and repeat attack on his body. He was hung by a hook in his back and the hook was a chained to the ceiling. Shyam was bleeding badly. Under his legs there was a huge pool of blood which looked black. Shyam was staring at Sonal but with no feelings as he was alive but dead. Sonal kept switching her glares between her husband and her daughter. She was unable to process whom to save her daughter or her husband. But deep down her heart she knew that Shyam would also want her to try to save their daughter.

Sonal finally gathered every bit of courage in her body and told Surajsinh please let my daughter go and I will do whatever you want. Gayatri was there too in a corner but looking at the condition of Sonal even her stone heart missed a beat. She did have enough courage to look at Sonal. Sonal was pleading her heart out to Surajsinh and he was enjoying every single moment of it. He finally told that I would let your daughter go on one condition, you will scream as hard as you can while my men and I torture you and rape you. We will continue till the moment you die but if you die early then your beloved daughter will be sold to one of my clients on a very high price due to her tender age. And all these will happen right in front of Shyam’s eyes. And Shyam had to watch every moment without closing his eyes.

If you are able to please me and my men, I promise I will let your daughter go without a scratch. Sonal agreed with a lot of hesitation as she knew what was going to come. Sonal was brought near Shyam and still no change of emotion for Shyam as if he were not alive. Surajsinh started to remove Sonal’s clothes and Sonal was sobbing very hard and as per the condition she had to scream her lungs out and she was exactly that. After a while she was completely naked and Surajsinh raped her multiple time for an hour or so. Sonal kept on screaming and being a sadist Surajsinh enjoyed every moment. Shyam was dead by then as he was unable to breathe due to severe injuries to his lungs. 

Sonal was mercilessly raped by all the goons of Surajsinh including that constable who passed on the information about Shyam. She was bitten by the goons and her entire naked body was covered in bruises and deep byte marks. They were all animals and eating tender flesh of Sonal. Sonal was supposed to live and bare all these brutality in order to save her daughter. It was almost 6 hours now and still the men were not tired they were continuously harassing her soul and body. Sonal’s soul too was completely damaged and scarred. It was filled with pure rage. She was a very delicate lady, and she was unable to bare the pain anymore and she knew that she was not going to live anymore as her body will succumb to all the injuries and many of them were fatal due to blood loss. Her lips, legs and her private parts were swollen beyond imagination. 

She pleaded last time to Surajsinh to let her daughter go as she tried her best. But she was not aware that Surajsinh was the worst form of evil. He was a sadist and he told her that as you broke our deal, I am free to sell your daughter to the highest bidder and she will be a sex slave for her remaining life. These words were molten iron for Sonal’s ears and then something unexpected happened.’

What will happen next? Will someone save Sonal and her daughter? To find all the answers please read the next parts of the series. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.