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Revenge of the Ghost - 56

Every atom of the air was filled with raw naked fear. Every eye forgot to blink, every heart forgot to beat and the life was on a pause mode in the room. The creature was roaming in the room and everybody was just glued to the bottom of the room. Ravindra and team were scared to death, but they did not lose courage. As they were aware that the almighty God was with them. And the other creature was just guarding the fireplace exit. Its long tail with eyes was moving at a rapid pace which created an illusion of an impenetrable wall. The creature which was roaming knew that Mahabali and Baba were the only persons in the room who could harm it and defeat it.

The trio looked tensed though it was the three edges of a trident, still they were also scared but still confident to save everyone specially Ravindra and Satya. All the constables were safe too. The only remaining target was the force field and people within it.

The creature was trying to find the weak spot to penetrate the force field. Baba, Mahabali and Shashtriji were constantly chanting. Hence, the field was safe. The creature suddenly stopped at a place and started to stare Ravindra. The trio was too powerful for the creature, but Ravindra was not. He was terrified by the creature. The creature had no face as it was just kind of a flat curtain. The creature came very close to Ravindra, Ravindra was feeling the breathing though he was surprised that no mouth, no nose then breathing? Ravindra’s questions were answered slowly. The flat face curtain slowly started to convert into a face. First the hair, then forehead and then eyes. Ravindra screamed as it was Satya’s face. The eyes were shedding tears of blood. Ravindra’s eyes supported with salty tears. Nose appeared and finally mouth appeared. But no lips and without the chicks it was ghastly, cruel and scary. Satya tried to speak but no lips no tongue no sound.

Ravindra was in terrible shock, he could not bear more and just closed his eyes. Baba felt the pain and prayed even harder. A mild tremored voice forced Ravindra to open his eyes. Satya’s face had lips and she was calling Ravindra. Ravindra was transfixed and about to leave the force field. Mahabali came between the creature and Ravindra. Mahabali chanted a mantra and Satya screamed, ‘Ravindra please save me from him. Please save me from him. Save meeeeeeee.’ Ravindra could not stop himself and pushed Mahabali aside and walked towards Satya. Satya’s face was complete but the body was still missing and it was fearsome. Ravindra was about to touch the face of Satya and a shrilling sound caught everybody’s attention.

The creature which was guarding the fireplace exit was oozing some sort of black liquid as its tail had a deep gash. Satya’s face vanished and the flat curtain appeared as the other creature was in trouble. Both creatures were looking sharply at the fireplace exit and Nagesh appeared. Ravindra was dumbstruck as he saw Nagesh vanished. But he was there right in front of him and fighting rigorously with the creatures. Baba sent Nagesh to the temple to bring the only weapon which could hurt the creature. The weapon was the trident placed in the temple under the God’s idol. It was not public and only Nagesh and Baba knew its location as it was very powerful and godly weapon which in wrong hands could wreak havoc in the world. Hence the location was a secret guarded by Nagesh and Baba. The same trident which was laced with holy ash, water from the Kailash and from the soil of Lord Krishna’s birthplace. Nothing can stop that.

Nagesh made a number of attacks and creatures were injured also but the injuries, gashes were automatically kept healing and Nagesh was in trouble. The regenerating power was not allowing Nagesh to make any lasting injuries or fatal injuries. Both the creatures surrounded Nagesh and their tails were swinging wildly to hurt Nagesh. Nagesh had a few cuts and bruises all over his body. He was jumping here and there to safeguard him and trying to attack also. Both the creatures were trying to make sure that Nagesh loses his grip over the trident so they could kill him. Nagesh knew that and to stop that from happening, he already tied the trident with his hand with the sacred talisman given to him by Baba and it could only be untied with a specific mantra. Both the creatures were waiting as Nagesh was losing blood hence death by thousand cuts. Baba stopped chanting  and called Nagesh.

Will Baba be able to help Nagesh kill both the creatures? What was stopping the ghost from entering the Police Station?  To find all the answers please read the next parts of the series. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.