Sweet Sixteen to Coral Thirty-Five books and stories free download online pdf in English

Sweet Sixteen to Coral Thirty-Five

This story is about a teenage girl Shivina. This story is about how she thinks about her life and how she deals with it.



(Shivina’s point of view)

I got up today at 7 am. ( I wish I never got up) I got ready and took off for my school. I feel like hell is not beneath the earth but rather on it, look at my school for example. I’ve always hated my school timings 8:00 to 4:00. They definitely want all the students dead. I reached school, my friend was sleeping on his bench, I totally understand his situation, poor guy. I got my science paper today, 47.5/50 good you may say, but it wasn’t. The highest marks were 48/25( god hates me although I know he couldn’t decide my marks but at least I can blame him without having to hear something back from him.) The new girl who came in school 1 month ago scored highest with another guy Arjun( Arjun had given me a though time since we both joined the school 2 years ago. I definitely don’t find him attractive anymore.) Until Kripa Joined us,Arjun was my only competition but of course god can’t bear me seeing happy so he sent Kripa. It was only Arjun and I, the limelight of class my brother called us the queen and king of the class but now I feel dethroned. She took my crown, but I will take it back( typical jealous girl behaviour). I didn’t like Kripa from the first day because of the creepy thing she said to me on the first day. She comes and sits beside me as my partner was absent, somewhere between the day she goes on like, “ I really like Arjun.” I was like who does that on the first day of their school and girl you have barely even known him. For the backstory, 2 (billion) years ago I liked Arjun and for a long long time I liked him and one fine day he turns towards me and proposes me? Lol No. He turns towards me and gives a speech on how he considers me as his SISTER. Like directly SISTER not even friend but sister. I plan on taking a huge hamper from him on Rakshabandhan. I don’t know who possessed Arjun to give that speech. I never even told him that I liked him(it had to be my brother, they are  BFFs). Anyways I felt humiliated that day because if you wanted to give me a speech on how I was you sister ( according to you) then you could have done that in private, why in front of the whole class. 1 year passed by and everyone still remembers that incident to this day (as I said god hates me) and I hate him for the drama he created. Kripa was setting herself up for failure but I didn’t tell her the history between me and Arjun. In conclusion, She came 1 month ago and she already took my attention,crown and king(although Arjun never liked anyone. I wish I could control my feelings like he did) the way she stares at Arjun everyday makes me want to take her eyeballs out ( typical jealous Shivina  behaviour). I needed my crown back. I WANTED my crown back and I will do anything and everything to have it back. I will be enthrone myself again because there is nothing I do better than revenge.