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Because No One Stays Forever

Twinkle was a 20 year old. She had a best friend Sonia, both were like two bodies one soul.

“So how are things with Abhinav?” Twinkle asked.

 “Better than ever, I think he is the one!” Sonia replied.

“You guys are literally the power couple of our college.”Twinkle said dramatically.

Sonia blushed.

“How are things with my Brother?” Sonia elbowed twinkle teasingly.

“Finding an excuse to break up.” Twinkle frowned.

“What did he do now?” Sonia asked with concern.

“He is just not my type you know, I thought that being with someone who is opposite to me would be a good idea but I find it irritating now.”  Twinkle said with a sigh.

“Understandable.” Sonia said.


2 weeks later



“Just break up Twinkle. Its not that hard.” Abhinav said for the hundredth time.

“I have never broken up with anyone in my life, I don’t know how to? And its mean of you to say it, he is your best friend.” I said standing up from my place.

“Neither have I but just tell him the truth that you don’t find him compatible.” Abhinav said.

“Is the even a good reason?” Twinkle said.

“I don’t know but it is the truth.” Abhinav said with hands hands in the air.

2 hours later


“Done.” Twinkle said sitting beside Abhinav.

“How bad is he behaving?” Abhinav asked.

“He doesn’t even want to look at me, that bad.” Twinkle said.

“He will  get over it in 50 seconds. Trust me” Abhinav said.

“I’m actually more worried about Sonia’s reaction.” Twinkle said.

“I’m sure she will understand.” Abhinav said.



“Mm, as his sister I feel bad for him but as your best friend I understand you.” Sonia hugged me.

Twinkle was at ease now.

“Thank you Soni! I knew you’d understand.”Twinkle said.

“You are my best friend, I had to.” Sonia said.


At that moment Twinkle felt she had the two most wonderful human beings by her side. She felt so grateful and wished that they would always be friends like this, but future held something else.

The next day when Twinkle went to college, people were staring at her and laughing, some even giving her weird looks.


“Twinkle, there’s a huge problem.”Abhinav told her, sweat dripping from his forehead.

“What happened?”Twinkle asked Abhinav.

“So your EX started a bad rumor about you, that jerk!” Abhinav said angrily.

“What rumor?” Twinkle asked Abhinav.

“That..that you have an affair with the Law professor.” He said

“What?! He is 42 years old for the love of god.” Twinkle’s blood started boiling.

“I need to find Sonia.” Twinkle said.



“Hey hey Sonia, has your brother gone insane?why did he do this?” Twinkle asked Sonia.

“Oh! You tell me why did you do this? Just for some grades! Twinkle you are pathetic.”Sonia said

“So you believe him and not me? How can you ever believe this? don’t you know me?” Twinkle confronted Sonia.

“Truth is always bitter. Plus you cheated on my brother with my boyfriend. I’m never talking to you again.” Sonia busted out in anger.

“What? I never cheated on your brother with your boyfriend. Sonia how can you believe this? You didn’t even care to ask me if It was true?” Twinkle asked taking in the bitter taste of betrayal.

“Just get lost, why should I trust you and Abhinav instead of my brother?” Sonia asked.

“Because your brother is a jerk!”Twinkle exclaimed.

“I don’t want to talk to you or Abhinav so just get lost.” Sonia left angrily.



Twinkle just learned a lesson in life. No matter how close a person is to you, there will always be someone who will be more important to them than you and also that no matter if you are honest, you will still face difficulties, in fact the road of honesty is way more difficult than the road of lies.

After everything that happened, Twinkle was very upset but there was one person with her, Abhinav. It was times like these when you find who is your true friend and there was Abhinav, Twinkle’s one true friend who stood with her.


The End



Credits: Thank you mom for giving me this amazing topic to write about.

A special thank you to my best friend YP, thank you for always being there for me through the thick and thins of my Tragically complicated life.