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Life is the best Teacher

Kirti was a high school kid and like every other kid Kirti had her problems in life. She did not have a lot of friends in life, she understood at a very young age that most of people who were good to you in front of you also talked bad things about you behind your back, so she did not make many friends. She used to feel lonely most of the time but it was better than having fake friends. Because of this she used to do rebellious things in her leisure time ( according to parents) she loved driving bikes. “Kirti bikes are not for girls, if I see you driving again then you are grounded.” her mother scolded her. But Kirti being Kirti she waited until everyone slept. She took the bike keys and sneaked out of the house quietly. She drove loving the air crossing her hair as she went on full speed on the empty road. She was not a social person, driving was the only thing which made her feel she had freedom. She came back home only to find her mother standing in front of her. She got scared, her heart raced. She almost started crying, she was so scared she had a panic attack. Her whole family woke up. Everyone was tensed. She couldn’t get her words together. Kirti’s father approached her calmly. Whatever it is tell me, I promise your mother wouldn’t scold you.  Kirti told her dad how she sneaked out of her house. Her father was calm the whole time and told her, “Next time just tell and go, we won’t stop you”. Her mother was suspicious of her and she didn’t like how her husband reacted, she wanted to scold Kirti but could she? She went in the room followed by her husband. “I think Kirti is getting out of our hands, you are giving her too much freedom.”Kirti’s mother told her husband. “So what? Does she not deserve freedom? If you keep her in this house 24x7 how will she learn about the world? How will she learn to take her own responsibility?” her father asked her mother. “whatever I don’t agree with you, today she just sneaked out tomorrow she might have a boyfriend. What will you do then? I am going to check her phone.” Her mother showed distrust In her and went straight to her room to get her daughter’s phone. “See wasn’t I right about it? look at this boy from her coaching class , you can read the chats right? Have a look.” Her mother confronted her father. “This is going to spoil your relationship with her, going through her phone behind her back. In future, she will keep passwords, delete chats and what not because this one time you checked her phone. The more you press a spring the more it bounces.” Her father tried to explain her. “So? You want me to do nothing?” Her mother said angrily. “If you do anything, is it going to make any difference? Did she stop riding bike because you told her not to? The same way she is not going to break up if you tell her to. By confronting her, you are only going to make her more sneaky. The best teacher is life. She will ride a bike, she will fall and she will learn. She will be in a relationship, she will know about how good or bad people are in this world, she will learn that how you overcome difficulties, what is good for her what is bad, who is caring and who is toxic for her, she will learn a relationship is not always roses but also thorns. We cannot teach her everything, her mistakes surely will. And only by experience a person becomes better in life, only by making mistakes, she will learn to never make the same mistakes. Let her make mistakes and let her learn. We as parents can only guide, we cannot control her.” Her father beautifully explained her mother. She seems convinced and understood what he was trying to convey.






Parents, specifically Indian parents always tell their kids don’t do this don’t do that but they don’t understand that their child will not stop even after they tell him/her. Yes, whatever parents say to their child, most of the times it is for their own good but kids don’t understand, instead they become sneaky and after parents find out that their child did something that they did not want them to do they burst in anger, seeing this reaction of parents kids do not tell anything to them in future and the relationship between you and your child gets worse. Instead of shouting on them approach them calmly, let them make mistakes, let them fall and only then they will learn to walk. As parents what you can do is guide but you cannot control them, so why even try controlling instead be so friendly with them that whenever they have a problem they tell you first.





Credits:- I give all the credit to my mom for being such a nice parent to me which also inspired me to write this short story. Mom, you are not only my mom but my best friend and thank you for not being a typical mom and always understanding my problems without getting angry and always supporting me every time and trusting me. I love you :)