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Part And Parcel Of Life

Have you ever thought life is unfair? Because I have thought that alot of times.
The person who you called best friend a month ago now talks ill about you.
The person you didn't even knew existed a year ago is now a part of your everyday life.
Departure of people and entry of new ones is a part and parcel of life.
If someone goes we can't stop them and if someone stays, just see how long they can stay.
I love saying to people I am complicated
But the suprising part is no one disagrees because I am, but aren't we all?
I used to say this generation is toxic and I am old school but we all have some toxic gen z traits for example mine is that I push away good people out of my life, I don't value them but then I try not to, but by then mess is too messy to clean up.
But then I regret, now you see regret is a part and parcel of life because we lose in life we lose a lot of things and then only we realize it's value, regret is always more than gratitude.
Expectations are a part of life too, the main reason we get hurt is because of our expectations or should I say never ending expectations. I've expected alot in life from the wrong people only to get hurt in the end till the point I realized expectations are futile.
People, I learned this a hard way and I still haven't learned to accept it but I try to.
People come and go, you can't make someone stay when they don't want to stay
It's like watering a plant till the point it dies.
The plant doesn't need that much water still if you keep pouring and pouring, you are only going to ruin it. Balance is important, balance in house, relationship, jobs, friendships.
Guilt is another part. Guilt is important, we learn from guilt, the guilt of doing something wrong can haunt us forever but we learn to never do it again.
For example let's take the same plant you watered too much, now you realize that you poured more water than it needed, there enters regret and guilt, I have to admit guilt and regret are the worst human emotions
But important, so now that you realize that you shouldn't have poured too much water you will not do it again because I see no reason to repeat the same mistake twice knowingly.
Emotions altogether are part and parcel of life
For most of my life I have tried to control everything till the point I realized it's not in my control, it never will be.
And there will be days when I will be the happiest and there will be days when I will meet the saddest version of myself but I have to accept it because it's my emotions afterall, you try to do your best and you wait till the result and even if the result is not as per your expectations you will be happy in the fact that you tried because trust me it takes a lot of even try for many of us. To try, to have the courage to take the first step is the most important part of the process.
Everything is a part and parcel of life, everything that has come will have to go, so just go with the flow.